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8ми февруари 2011,  David Pledger, Director IETM-Australia Council for the Arts Collaboration Project


" ...

Moving even further south in Sofia, there is a lighter touch. Perhaps this was as much to do with my hosts Atanas Maev and Jivko Jeliazkov who less than a year ago establised the Derida Dance Centre (DDC) with a nod to the late Jacques and a wink to the official sector which it neither emulates nor separates itself from. Along with the erstwhile Redhouse Centre, they run the spaces that independent artists are most likely to call home in Sofia. DDC is an interesting model in that it has some assistance from the America-Bulgaria Foundation in its first year of operation (America is still a strong presence in the region). It runs classes everyday, operates an on-site massage centre, offers spaces for rehearsal and occasionally hosts public performances; it offers its services to office-workers as well as dance professionals and it receives no support from either the city or the state running on the smell of the proverbial oily rag. Atanas and Jivko are attempting to establish a prototype that attracts city and/or government support rather than approaching them cap-in-hand. They have made an excellent start and are looking at international partners and projects to complement their participation in their first EU-funded program underway this year.


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27ми януари 2011г.
БНТ- Денят започва с култура



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