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This September Derida Dance Center Residency Program hosts artists from Germany, Austria and Italy


Three foreign artistic teams will work on their author projects in the field of contemporary dance as part of Derida Dance Center Residency Program in the month of September.

Laura Witzleben and Niko van Harlekin from Germany will be our guests in the period August 22nd – September 10th. They will work with Bulgarian dancers from Dance PORT Derida program on Laura’s author project “When Grass Turns Blue”. She is an experienced contemporary dancer from Berlin. She has participated in dance companies in Stuttgart, Rome, Rotterdam and Vilnuis. Niko van Harlekin is a colleague of Laura and will assist her in the creation.

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Aerowaves Platform: "Home" by Marrafa vzw at World Theater in Sofia

AEROWAVES, supported by Creative Europe Program of EU, represented for Bulgaria by Derida Dance Center and World Theatre in Sofia present:

HOME - dance performance by  MARRAFA vzw – Brussels, Belgium

June 14th 2016, 19:00 h at Sfumato Theatre

How to become ‘home’? The idea can be paradoxical – home is solid in our memories, but its colours fade and we forget details over time. Our bodies adapt to new places, new rules – we thrive on curiosity. “Home” takes all these ideas and draws on the deep-rooted experiences of five dancers, creating a detailed, agile and rhythmic dance vocabulary driven by a pulsating, urgent soundscape composed by the choreographer. After “Abstand” which was shown at World Theatre in Sofia 2015, the Bulgarian audience has another chance to experience a new captivating dance piece by contemporary choreographer Luis Marrafa.

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Проект "Танцуваща София" стартира на 11 юни в парка на Военна академия

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„Танцуваща София“ превръща осем градски пространства, в продължение на осем летни съботи (в периода юни – септември 2016), в своеобразни танцови площадки, на които гражданите да се докоснат до разнообразието от танцови стилове и спортни тренировки. Програмата включва над 30 различни урока, под професионалния инструктаж на преподаватели от 20 танцови и спортни центрове в София.

За финал е предвиден танцов турнир, томбола с награди и отворена дискусия с публиката на теми, свързани със здравословния и активен начин на живот, и адаптирането на градски пространства за спортни дейности на открито.

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ar16 fernando-belfiore

Aerowaves Platform: “AL13FB<3” by Fernando Belfiore at Antistatic International Festival for Contemporary Dance and Performance in Sofia

On April 20th at 7:30 pm in DNK – space for contemporary dance and performance you can see “AL13FB<3” by the Brazilian choreographer and dancer Fernando Belfiore
“It is the transformation of substance that is my concern in art, rather than the traditional aesthetic understanding of beautiful appearances.” This statement by one of the most influential avant-garde artist Joseph Beuys and his theory of art and transformation is a point of departure for Fernando Belfiore’s  “AL13FB<3”. The piece presents a series of encounters with objects to construct physical experiences and translate emotions.”

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Marta Ladjanszki and Zsolt Varga from L1 Association - first foreign residency in Derida Dance Center in 2016

Today we start the first foreign residency of Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2016. Marta Ladjanszki and Zsolt Varga will be our guests till April 16th. In the course of two weeks they will work in two directions. The Hungarian artists will put the final touches to their author project LetMeC which they will show on April 9th (7 pm) in Derida Dance Center. They will also interact with young Bulgarian dancers from Dance PORT Derida program within the frame of a workshop. 

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TriZavisim 2016 Premiere

 The Contemporary Performing Arts Guild to The Union of Bulgarian Artists and A25 Cultural Foundation present:

tri3avisim 2016
Seventh Edition Of The Contemporary Dance, Performance and Installation Project


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Стартира кандидатстването за новото издание на обучителната и тренинг програма Dance PORT Derida на Derida Dance Center

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От тази година програмата разширява обхвата си и освен в областта на съвременния танц, ще предлага и обучение по класически балет в отделно направление

През месец март 2016 г. желаещите да се включат в обучителната и тренинг програма Dance PORT Derida могат да кандидатстват за участие. Реализирана пет години поред, благодарение на финансовата подкрепа на фондация „Америка за България“, тя е изключително успешна в развиване на потенциалa и мотивацията на млади артисти за професионално ангажиране  в областта на съвременния танц.
От тази година екипът на Derida Dance Center  разширява обхвата на обучението и освен в сферата на съвременния танц, ще развива и танцовите умения на участниците в отделно направление по класически балет.

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