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Derida Dance Center extends the term of the open invitation for artistic residency in the field of contemporary dance and performance

Derida Dance Center extends the term of the open invitation for an artistic residency in the field of contemporary dance and performance for 2020 until August 20, 2020.

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Second open call for application for "Platform 9 3/4"

The team of  DERIDA Stage opens a second call for applications for inclusion in "Platform 9 3/4 "!

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Одобрени проекти

Projects approved for "Platform 9 3/4"

"Platform 9 3/4" is a pilot project related to the distribution of theatrical works on DERIDA Stage. It is focused on young teams at the beginning of their career. The main goal of the project is to create a platform at DERIDA Stage, which will present young independent artists in partnership conditions, through which to support and encourage their career development.

We are pleased to present to you the first four approved projects that you will have the opportunity to see at DERIDA Stage in the new season!

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UP2DANCE PROJECT - European Qualification Networl and implementation of round tables

 Ist Transnational meeting and EQF 

The UP2DANCE project – a collaboration between Balletto di Roma (Italy), Derida Dance Center (Bulgaria), Magenta Consultoria (Spain), Polish Dance Theatre (Poland), ICK (Netherlands) and  Companhia de Dança de Almada (Portugal) with the support of  Erasmus+ Programm of the European Union, continued with an online training program, taking into consideration the pandemic situation. 

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Отворена покана за танцьори

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Компания Дерида организира кастинг за танцьори за международна продукция.

Ще бъдат подбрани професионалисти с опит в съвременен танц и/или класически балет.

Кастингът ще премине под формата на тридневно работно ателие в дните 15, 16, 17 юли 2020 г. (от 9 ч. до 12 ч., преди обед).
След края на творческата работилница, част от участниците ще получат предложение за включване в проекта.

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Aerowaves Twenty20 FRAMEWORKS. Digital as dance partner

Twenty20 FRAMEWORKS dives into new dance territory opened up by interactive technology. Triggered by confinement and its restrictions on live performance, this new Aerowaves and Springback Production initiative invites artists to search for ways to transform the digital medium into their dance partner, rather than as a way of showing their dance works or making dance for the camera. Their live and recorded projects –from 5 to 30 minutes long– will be showcased on the digital stage (streamed on Zoom, Aerowaves and commissioning Partners’ websites). 

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The foreign artists in residence in "Derida Dance Center Residency Program" 2020

“Derida Dance Center Residency Program” is one of the fundamental and successful programs, that the organization has been developing since 2010.

Its main objective is to help choreographers from Bulgaria and abroad in creating their dance performances by using Derida Dance Center resources. 

Despite the situation, we kept on working on its realization and we are ready to announce with great pleasure the three international choreographers that would be visiting us in 2020!

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