Уъркшоп с Денислав Валентинов - съвременен танц и импровизация
Begin: 30.09.2016, 15:00
Location: Derida Dance Center, бул. Сливница 245, ет.4
Ателието е подходящо както за професионалисти в областта на танца, театъра или цирка, така и за непрофесионалисти с минимален опит в тези сфери.
Free spaces: 14

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In Derida Dance Center

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Derida Dance Center посреща новия сезон с по-добри условия за съвременната професионална танцова сцена

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От тази есен артисти от сферата на съвременния танц и танцов театър от София, страната и чужбина, ще се радват на по-добри условия за представяне на своите проекти в Derida Dance Center. Благодарение на подкрепата на фондация „Америка за България“ танцовият център се сдоби с ново по-добро сценично осветително оборудване.

Новата техника ще предостави на артистите допълнителни възможности за представянето на техните проекти, а за публиката преживяването ще бъде по-интересно и сетивно. Освен новото сценично оборудване, Derida Dance Center се радва на нов интериор и цялостно подобрени битови условия за артистите и всички посетители на танцовия център. Програмата за любители се допълва с нови курсове като фламенко, джаз танц, бразилска самба и афро хаус. Съвременните танцови изпълнители, които участват в програма Dance PORT Derida, продължават да получават възможности за работа с чуждестранни техни колеги. В момента като част от Резидентската програма на Derida Dance Center, подкрепена от Столична програма „Култура“, гостуват артисти от Италия и Австрия, а по-късно през годината американският хореограф Чарлз Слендър ще работи три седмици с млади български танцьори.

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Stefan Nikolov cveten blizuk Stefan Nikolov cveten flamenco



Classes start on September 26th! There is no need for prior subscription, it happens in Derida Dance Center a little before the class.

In Flamenco classes you will learn corporal and zapateado techniques, created by Miguel Canas. The course has the aim of developing technical skills in the dancers. The corporal technique deals with the movement of the body in flamenco, using classical dance as a base. It deals with the body positions, flamenco arms and pirouette technique. Zapateado technique deals with the movements of the legs and feet. This technique develops the positions of the feet and the right posture of the dancer’s body and teaches how to stamp in various flamenco rhythms and tempos. Zapateado technique also improves the sense of rhythm in the dancer teaching him/her how to clap and thus contributes to developing the overall musicality.

Insructor: Stefan Nikolov

Stefan Nikolov is a multi-genre dancer and teacher. He has studies flamenco in the world’s oldest flamenco school “Amor de dios” in Madrid, Spain. There he participated in many TV programmes as a dancer. Apart from flamenco, he is actively involved in jazz dance and Irish dance.

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Jazz dance

Classes start on September 26th. There is no need for prior subscription, it happens in Derida Dance Center a little before the class.

In jazz dance classes you will learn Benjamin Feliksdal technique – a mixture of the styles created by Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Luigi, Gus Giordano and Matt Mattox. Benjamin Feliksdal has created his own style using contemporary dance techniques and folklore techniques and puts for them the base of classical ballet. The classes are proper for absolute beginners as well as for amateurs who have some experience in contemporary dance and/or classical ballet.

Instructor: Stefan Nikolov

Stefan Nikolo has been studying Benjamin Feliksdal’s technique in Feliksdal’s own school for about 4 years. Later Stefan teaches jazz dance in Spain and Bulgaria. Apart from jazz, he dances and teaches Flamenco and Irish dance.

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AfroHouse 1

Afro House

Afro House is a style that combines African and House elements and movements that are the appropriate response to this style of music. The class is highly intensive and energetic. Marion will show you how to improvise not only in this musical style, but others as well. But most of all, you will enjoy yourselves.

Instructor: Marion Darova

Marion Darova has many years of experience as an Athletic training, Ragga Dancehall and Fusion dance instructor. She has been part of Derida Dance Center team for a few years. Apart from professionally teaching, Marion is a contemporary dancer and choreographer.

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Laura W 1

This September Derida Dance Center Residency Program hosts artists from Germany, Austria and Italy


Three foreign artistic teams will work on their author projects in the field of contemporary dance as part of Derida Dance Center Residency Program in the month of September.

Laura Witzleben and Niko van Harlekin from Germany will be our guests in the period August 22nd – September 10th. They will work with Bulgarian dancers from Dance PORT Derida program on Laura’s author project “When Grass Turns Blue”. She is an experienced contemporary dancer from Berlin. She has participated in dance companies in Stuttgart, Rome, Rotterdam and Vilnuis. Niko van Harlekin is a colleague of Laura and will assist her in the creation.

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Aerowaves Platform: "Home" by Marrafa vzw at World Theater in Sofia

AEROWAVES, supported by Creative Europe Program of EU, represented for Bulgaria by Derida Dance Center and World Theatre in Sofia present:

HOME - dance performance by  MARRAFA vzw – Brussels, Belgium

June 14th 2016, 19:00 h at Sfumato Theatre

How to become ‘home’? The idea can be paradoxical – home is solid in our memories, but its colours fade and we forget details over time. Our bodies adapt to new places, new rules – we thrive on curiosity. “Home” takes all these ideas and draws on the deep-rooted experiences of five dancers, creating a detailed, agile and rhythmic dance vocabulary driven by a pulsating, urgent soundscape composed by the choreographer. After “Abstand” which was shown at World Theatre in Sofia 2015, the Bulgarian audience has another chance to experience a new captivating dance piece by contemporary choreographer Luis Marrafa.

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Проект "Танцуваща София" стартира на 11 юни в парка на Военна академия

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„Танцуваща София“ превръща осем градски пространства, в продължение на осем летни съботи (в периода юни – септември), в своеобразни танцови площадки, на които гражданите да се докоснат до разнообразието от танцови стилове и спортни тренировки. Програмата включва над 30 различни урока, под професионалния инструктаж на преподаватели от 20 танцови и спортни центрове в София.

За финал е предвиден танцов турнир, томбола с награди и отворена дискусия с публиката на теми, свързани със здравословния и активен начин на живот, и адаптирането на градски пространства за спортни дейности на открито.

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