In Derida Dance Center

Gennaro Maione - the third resident of "Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019"arrived in Sofia

The third resident of “Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019” – Gennaro Maione arrived in Sofia on 15 August. Yesterday he did an audition to choose three dancers for his new project SEXTING THE HAPPY ENDING that he would develop during his residency at Derida Dance Center. 

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DERIDA Stage June program

At DERIDA Stage in June! 

This month you can enjoy again the performances of DERIDA Company!

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Workshop with Jivko Jeliazkov

The surprises for June keep raining! 

We have prepared for you a workshop with Jivko Jeliazkov.

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Open call for dancers in the new project of Gennaro Maione

Тhe choreographer and resident of Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019, Gennaro Maione is seeking male and female performers for his new creation SEXTING - THE HAPPY ENDING. Performers must be over the age of 18 and have a strong dance and theatre background.

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Albena Baeva in regard to ARTeFACT: I am thrilled that the performance gets the proper recognition even after so much time.

Photo: Ivo Kuker

We are presenting you Albena Baeva, creator of the interactive visual environment in the performance ARTeFACT – multimedia dance performance.

Only a few days ago, the piece ARTeFACT was chosen for PG 2019. This is an enormous recognition for the team. The Quadrennial in Prague is one of the most prestigious events in terms of scenography, and undoubtedly, the unique visual environment and software created by Albena Baeva are definitely worthwhile.

After almost three years, ARTeFACT – multimedia dance performance reincarnated at Derida Stage/Сцена Дерида.

22 May 2019, 19:30 h.


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DERIDA Stage May program

What awaits you at DERIDA Stage/Сцена ДЕРИДА in May 2019?

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Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019

Derida Dance Center Residency program is one of the most fundamental and successful programs that the dance organization has been developing since 2010. Its purpose is to support choreographers from Bulgaria and abroad in creating their dance performances, using Derida Dance Center`s resources. On the other hand, the newly created productions are premieres or work in progress performances that the citizens of Sofia are able to see as part of the Cultural Calendar of the capital.

We are delighted to announce the four residents, selected among 178 applicants from 46 countries applying for Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019.

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