Танцова резиденция на ирландската хореографка Kathleen Doherty


Choreography: Kathleen Doherty
Assistant and Kineseologist: Borut Besgovsek

Music by various artists including Modern Mammal.

Programme notes:

Floating through your dreams while life flashes, casting it's shadows on textures lit up by the thoughts you create.
Breathe, for that is all you can do, chasing a reality that can hold you within it's grasp.
Pause a moment and consider your own feelings while you journey,
If you can, should you dare, have you a choice ?


Chasing Shadow's came about due to a need for reflection on the inevitability of life.
What is it that keeps us going? Why do we keep going? How are we keeping going?
Is it in a positive manner, are we being conscious with our choices and life decisions,
or in this whirlwind are we being dragged towards the inevitable end.

Physically, the aim has always been to push boundaries both physical and emotional, while keeping a holistic approach to the body,
minimising injury, maximising energy generation.
Connection within both the physical and emotive body leads to a greater connection with the creative process and ultimately the audience.

Biog for Kathleen:

Kathleen, is an Irish Dance artist, working in both Slovenia and Dublin. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary dance.
As a dancer she has worked for Dance Theatre of Ireland, Ffin Dance(wales), Irish Modern Dance Theatre. She is rehearsal director for Threads Dance, London, and has directed sell out shows for the aerial dance sensation Paper Dolls.
This is her third solo work