Fiery Arts


Friday – 19:00 - 20:15
Sunday – 19:00 - 20:15

The fiery arts are ancient and their origin is not defined as they are present in many places in the world under different styles. Most of them originate from various rituals in which the Fire is honored, the spirit is released and meditation is present.

Nowadays the fiery arts are connected with performers, who dance using various fiery arts equipment such as: poi, staff, fans, fire orbs, bats and performance like juggling with fire, fire spewing, torch-bearing.
The main purpose of the training sessions is the staff and poi practices, and periodically lectures are held for the other instruments: fiery fans, fire orbs, fire spewing, jiggling.

Instructor: Viktor Nikolov a.k.a JokerA
2007 – training in Poland(International Games with Fire)
2008 – training in Spain (Reactive the youth fire)
2010г. – training in Germany (European Cupola United)
2010г. – training in Germany (European Youth in Flames)

Per session: 7lv
Prepaid card for 8 sessions– 38