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Metronome focuses the spectator’s attention towards two aspects of one and the same sense – the sense of time. “How do we sense the time of our life?” is the provocative question that come out of the collision between two ancient ideas on the stage. The Greeks worshipped Chronos – the god of measurable transitional time – the time that leads us to death. Against him they set Kairos – the god of the blissful happy moments. Kairos resides only in the present. Nowadays the impulse to seek our idea of the future sometimes takes our presence away. However, the choice always lies within us.

Concept and choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov
Music and sound: Ivan Shopov (Cooh, Balkansky)
Dancers: Aleksandrina Dimitrova, Anna Petkova, Bella Haritova, Boyana Radkowa, Gergana Ilieva, Diana Aleksandrova, Mariya Veleva, Maya Ivanova, Milena Videnova, Simona Todorova, Stanka Racheva, Stela Tomova, Stephanie Handjiiska, Tsveta Tsocheva/Petia Mukova, Yanita Kirova, Yasen Popov
Production manager: Atanas Maev
Assistant manager: Zheni Petrova

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zv8Cfb9Fm0o 


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Photography: Vladimir Kaludiev

The performance is part of the educational and training program Dance PORT Derida supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation and is created in partnership with Azaryan Theater with the support of Sofia Municipality.

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