Малък динамит
Begin: 15.11.2019, 19:00
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
Първата театрална премиера на Сцена ДЕРИДА
Free spaces: 42

Мечо Пух
Begin: 16.11.2019, 16:00
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
Представлението е част от НОЩ НА ТЕАТРИТЕ 2019
Free spaces: 68

Miss Julie
Begin: 16.11.2019, 19:30
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
Представлението е част от програмата на НОЩ НА ТЕАТРИТЕ 2019
Free spaces: 67

Земетресение от страх
Begin: 16.11.2019, 21:00
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
Представлението е част от програмата на НОЩ НА ТЕАТРИТЕ 2019
Free spaces: 62

Часът на истината
Begin: 17.11.2019, 19:00
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
“Часът на истината” е формат, който кани 7 съвременни български автори да споделят своята истина, своя опит и размишления за ролята на драматурга днес. Всеки от тях разполага със седем минути, празна сцена, собственото си тяло и професионалните си умения, за да сподели своята истина.
Free spaces: 69

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ARTeFACT - performance by Derida Dance


ARTeFACT- new production of Derida Dance

ARTeFACT is a multimedia dance performance focusing on the persuit of new identity that overcomes social and cultural boundaries. Such processes often accompany the modern nomad-artist in his/her search for opportunities for being a creator and not a product  in the globalized world. The action develops through interaction between visual medium, sound and body, which allows focusing on different stages and on formation of individual point of view.
The concept and choreography are created by Jivko Jelyazkov who joins efforts in this experimental study with the dancer Petia Mukova, visual artist Albena Baeva and prolific musician Ivan Shopov also known as Cooh and Balkansky.

The performance was selected for the last call of the European Dance Festival , Limassol , Cyprus.  ARTeFACT is the only Bulgarian performance that took part in this prestigious event.

On 18th October 2013- Festival "The Age of Aquarious"- Burgas
On 21st November 2013- Festival Sisi Dance Week- Budapest, Central Europe Dance Theater (KET)
On 8th March 2014 ARTeFACT  was  presented on the Swiss Festval in Chur TanZeiT-ZeiTanZ

ARTeFACT is part of Varna's candidacy for European Capital of Culture in 2019, supported within |Varna area of creativity Funding Program.
Derida Dance works for the unfolding of the Bulgarian cultural space by attracting artists from Europe and Asia to produce joint projects. For the three years of its existence, the first center for contemporary dance, Derida Dance Center has gained recognition as a reliable partner in the realization of major projects, many of which are launched by prominent international organizations. The interest towards Derida Dance Center’s realized actions is a certain indicator for need of establishment of more alternative spaces for contemporary art and culture.

Choreography and concept: Jivko Jeliazkov
Visual space and interaction: Albena Baeva
Music: Ivan Shopov
Dance: Petia Mukova
Graphic design: Polina Stoyanova
PR: Gergana Kutseva

For more information please contact:
Atanas Maev, art manager,  mobile.: +359 884 874 383, e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,


varna candidate color neg bgThis project is part of the application of Varna for a European capital of culture 2019 and is supported from the municipality of Varna trough the funding program "Varna- an area of creativity"