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When love is not an infatuation, but a problem that requires a solution. When love is a conflict between two individuals. When love is a personality crisis. Then it is “F 63.9” – a diagnosis, a situation, a state of mind and body.

“F 63.9” is another name for love. The World Health Organization (WHO) lists love next to other mental and behavioral conditions with the following symptoms: pathological personality dysfunction resulted in from the improper function of the brain and the neurosystem. Similarly to “Mayday”, “F 63.9” is a code that stands for a sudden change and an urgent need for “curing” the problem.

When this “problem” appears, several possibilities are simultaneously revealed – (auto)transformation, cleansing of the Id and connecting to the other person. At same time, there is a probability of aggression and physical elimination of the threat. The desire to run away from the other, while being attracted to them follow the rhythm of a dynamic and unpredictable dance.

Searching and finding oneself through love is linked to the troubling need to share the pain of the present and overcome the past. Is love capable of taking an angelical mission, a sacrifice, in order to disarm and transform angst? Or is it simply a virus that undermines the body and the mind? “F 63.9” seeks to answer these questions though a psycho-physical examination of love as a form of destruction and transformation.


Concept and Choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov

Music and sound environment: Ivan Shopov

Performance: Stephanie Handjiiska, Yasen Popov

Costume: Snejana Papazova

Production Manager: Atanas Maev

Text: Elena Angelova

Design: ParaPlet Ltd.

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This performance is funded with the support of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

The performers Stephanie Handjiiska and Yasen Popov completed Derida Dance Center’s educational and training program for contemporary dance "Dance PORT Derida", supported by "America for Bulgaria" Foundation.