Derida Dance Center Residency program

Derida Dance Center Residency Program is among the organization’s main instruments that help us realize our mission for providing opportunities for development of contemporary dance in Bulgaria. On one hand, this happens through exchange of international experience, and on the other, through making the production process easier for the authors.

In Derida Dance Center the creative artists are given the opportunity to use space and technical equipment for free to realize their individual projects. Our team is taking care of the promotion of the projects in the Bulgarian cultural field.

In the past few years Derida Dance Center hosted many Bulgarian and foreign artists, who shared part of their creative way and their experience with professionals and non-professionals in the field of contemporary dance in Bulgaria.

As a result of this in 2014 Derida Dance Center Residency Program was recognized by experts of the European Commission in Brussels as a best practice for exchange of artistic experience on the Old continent together with examples from Ireland and Finland.

Petia Artefact