Swing dance for beginners

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Our beginners swing dance course starts on 13.02.2018. The classes will take place every Tuesday and Thursday at 7:30pm.

 Registration form on: http://www.lindyhop.bg/ 

It is a limited course.  People who have filled the registration form and stated a partner (who has also filled the registration form) will be the priority.  Our wish is to create a swing group full of energetic and determined people.

 The course duration is 3 months and it costs 150lv (135lv if you pay the entire fee at once). You can also pay 50lv monthly.  The payment takes place at our reception. Because of the limited participants number, registered couples will be considered with priority. In case of a registered single leader/follower we can form a couple. If there are more candidates we will contact the ones we can’t find a partner so we could look for a solution together. 




The following dance figures are part of the mandatory program. It is up to the dancers’ level to complete the program.


  1. Basic step
  2. Kick the dog
  3. Side by side
  4. Tack turn
  5. Under arm pass
  6. Entrance and exit from close to open position
  7. Tandem
  8. Chase to tandem
  9. Cross step
  10. Skater
  11. Rockabilly
  12. Double kick turn


  1. Basic rhythmic steps
  2. Basic partnered exercises
  3. Sugar push
  4. Under arm pass
  5. Left side pass
  6. Open to close position
  7. Tack turns variations
  8. Swing Out

 AERIALS (акробатични елементи)

  1. Tote Frau
  2. Frog Jump
  3. Tower of Doom


Our goal

What we want is to help you create your swing movement skills and to help partners learn to communicate through their body while dancing together.  We will work on building clear basic knowledge of swing dance and the Lindy Hop and Charleston styles. Participants will learn 2 choreographies that include all that was taught during the classes. Everyone who has finished the class will be able to improvise and practice the swing figures at social events. We will also take time to discuss the swing history- the dances, the music and the culture of the great time when the style was created. And last but not least we will be proud of your achievements!

 The program is suitable for beginners who are eager do dance!

Course price

 The entire course (24 classes) is 146lv per person if you pay the entire course at once. You can also pay 50lv month by month (the prices are for the participants during the 3-month program only)


-How much time does it take?

The course’s duration is 3 months and the classes are two times a week. It would be good for everyone who would like to join in to plan their time in advance; keep in mind that you should not be absent more than 2 times per month. There will also be “homework” (self-prepared tasks) that should not take you more than an hour to do.

-Can I join if I don’t have a partner?

 YES. Our experience shows that you can always find a partner in the class. Although you should know that in order to achieve the goals you are aiming to, you need a partner. In case that there is another registered person without a partner you two can be paired together and start the course.  If there is no suitable partner for you, we will let you know, so you can find one yourself.

-Do I need any experience to start the course?

NO. Of course anything you know about couple dances will be helpful for you, but the course starts with basic figures and exercises so you don’t need to have experience.

-What should I wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in.  Keep in mind that you will be practicing one of the most athletic couple dances so heels and tight clothes probably won’t be helpful. We recommend sneakers and loose clothes. 

In Derida Dance Center we also conduct Swing classes for intermediate.

See the schedule here