“FlapsƎ” - part of bulgarian dance platform throuhg Antistatic International Festival

When the present disappears;

When the past becomes a shelter;

When we have hidden from the wind into a box of memories;

Whet fear OF meets desire FOR… 

FLAPSE-plakat horizontalen


The title “FLAPSƎ” is a combination of “flaps”, the stroke of bird’s wings in flight, and “lapse”, an air current. It names a borderline state where reminiscence “carries away” body and consciousness. Performers are turned into objects, on equal terms with various artefacts from the past on their bodies. They slowly set themselves in motion engendering a world in-between sleep and reality, memory and present, atmosphere and action in the dance language typical of Jivko Jelyazkov: physically intense and at the same time theatrical. 


Jivko Jelyazkov has graduated in Acting and Dance Theatre from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, and has specialized in contemporary choreography at Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne, Australia. In 2004, he founded, together with producer Atanas Maev, Derida Dance Company for which he has created more than 25 performances.

The tickets cost 8 lv. In sale online : http://theatre.art.bg/flapsе_4365_90_20 .