“The Joy Of Dance”- workshop with Michaela Griveva

Derida Dance Center and Michaela Griveva invite you to a unique workshop in which participants will be able to enjoy dances in a relaxed atmosphere. “The joy of dance” will fill you up with happiness, it will raise your mood and it will awaken your senses.

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Michaela Griveva has a master degree in Contemporary dance performance by the Irish World Academy of Music and Dance. She is a certified professional in Body Movement and Sound Art Therapy. Michaela traveled and worked in Europe and Asia, studying from the experience of the most eminent contemporary choreographers. As a result she develops training programs adapted to the needs of individual people who love to dance. She also creates programs for professional dancers.

The workshop is based on the pleasure of the freedom of the movements. It doesn’t require previous experience in the field of dance, but just to be curious to experience the transformation of the body and mind through a dance. It is suitable for beginners, amateurs and for people dealing with various practices with moves.


What are the benefits? 

You will become confident and you will feel comfortable in your own body; 

You will release your mind and will get in touch with their creativity; 

You will give power to your body and stimulate it.


The price is 70 Euros. To book your place for the participation in the workshop "The Joy Of Dance", it is necessary to register here: http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/en/component/seminar/ .