Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019

Derida Dance Center Residency program is one of the most fundamental and successful programs that the dance organization has been developing since 2010. Its purpose is to support choreographers from Bulgaria and abroad in creating their dance performances, using Derida Dance Center`s resources. On the other hand, the newly created productions are premieres or work in progress performances that the citizens of Sofia are able to see as part of the Cultural Calendar of the capital.

We are delighted to announce the four residents, selected among 178 applicants from 46 countries applying for Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019.

Paola Madrid would be our resident artist May 5 to May 25. 

She is the choreographer and the artistic director of SORTA Dance Company. 

She graduates from Professional Dance School of Mazatlan in 2011. 

What is more, whoever saw WRECK by Pietro Marullo (Insiemi Irrealli Dance Company) during Aerowaves Spring Forward at Azaryan Theatre last year, knows her already.

During her residency she would be working on the project “After/”. This is a poetic, political and intimate journey that explores the idea of glory alongside with her team – Lisa Bless (Germany), Jenna Hendry (Switzerland), Alfonso López (Mexico), Julia Färber (Mexico), Emeric Rabot (France) and Rafael Ibanez (Spain).

Still, if you have not seen WRECK, you can get to know Paola here: 

My heart`s revolution (Паола Мадрид): https://vimeo.com/252924421 and https://vimeo.com/317219303

WRECK (Pietro Marullo): https://vimeo.com/274298039

Ten cuidado (Fco Cordova): https://vimeo.com/287096233

Howool Baek is a young choreographer based in Berlin. 

She mainly works in a limited space and creates delicate, poetic movements. Recently her interest is to discover a small part of the individual body expressions without the face.

Her first choreography [I want to talk with you] won awards at the CJ Young Festival Korea in 2007 and received the Dokebi Award at the Chuncheon International Mime Festival, Korea in 2008.

Since 2009, her works have been internationally presented in Germany, Austria, Belgium,

Portugal, Japan, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Bulgaria, Italy, The Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Norway, Greece, Russia, France, Switzerland and Armenia.

She was also a founder and worked as a director of „Real Situation Improvisation Project“ in Korea from 2006 to 2011 and presented a lot of site-specific work at many different street art festivals in Korea.

The most important thing in her work is the communication between the audience and the Performer.

During her residency at Derida Dance Center from July 8 to July 28, Howool Baek would work on a piece called “-scape”, alongside with Matthias Erian. They would search for a choreographic and compositional approach to create an existing, but not existing space.

“We exist in the space of the house, the house is in the space of the land, the land is in the space of the earth, and the earth is in the huge space of the universe. We, living in that space, are one of the creatures composed of atoms.“

You could see more about Howool Baek on https://vimeo.com/howoolbaek

Gennaro Maione is an Italian dancer and choreographer who was born in Naples in 1989.

He got trained as ballet and contemporary dancer at "Ballet Teatro Scuola Rossella Rossi" in Naples. 

In order to refine his skills, he attends seminars, lectures and workshops in Berlin at the contemporary dance schools Tanzfabrik and Dock 11 and in Brussels at DCJ contemporary dance school, Thor company, Pina Bausch company.

During his residency in Derida Dance Center from August 15 to September 10, Gennaro Maione would work on the final chapter of his latest piece SEX-TING, named “happy ending”, with a team of dancers that he would choose here in Sofia. 

More details will be posted soon! 

The final chapter has been characterized as "happy ending", a story into the intimacy that ranges from sexuality to pornography, from sadism to voyeurism. It is a very personal way to practice virtual sex and interpersonal relationships that Maione would like to convert into physical and emotional. How/What the virtual relationships are based on, where the only grip is to exchange sexually explicit messages that do not tell a reality but rather fantasy?

More about Gennaro Maione and the way he moves you can see here:






Kenan Dinkelmann grew up in Passau, Germany.

He graduated from Artez, School of Dance, Arnhem with a BA of performing arts and completed the SEAD postgraduate program Bodhi Project directed by Susan Quinn. 

He toured works by Jozef Frucek & Linda Kapetanea, Martin Nachbar and Robert Clark in Europa. 

Аs freelance dancer Kenan worked with Johannes Wieland/Staatstheater Kassel, Marion Sparber, Ivan Perez, Need-Company Jai Gonzales/Unterwegstheater and Anton Lachky. From 2015 till 2017 he joined the dance company of Stadttheater Bielefeld where he danced in works by Wim Vandekeybus, Simone Sandroni, and Sharon Fridman. 

Kenan choreographed for the Zeitsprung and Phase projects, directed by Simone Sandroni and created the 5min long Quartett „Sunson“ which premiered at Club Oval Berlin in October 2018. 

Kenan is a guest teacher at Marameo Berlin, Profitraining Leipzig, Profitraining Basel, Stadttheater Bielefeld, Volkstheater Rostock, Staatstheater Braunschweig and gives workshops in different cities in Europe.

During his residency at Derida Dance Center from September 28 to October 18, Kenan, alongside with his team - Felipe Fizkal, Annalise Van Even and Martjin Joling – would work on Sunson Vol2. 

Life on Earth comes to an end, so scientists are sent to Mars to create a new environment for humans to survive. Sunson vol2 is dealing with the question of how humanity handles dramatic changes.

More about Kenan: 



The project is part of the Calendar of cultural events of Sofia Municipality for 2019.