Vegetables market from the 30s` is being reborn as a stage for contemporary art and culture.

The former mortar from which existed in 1930s`in Central Sofia has acquired different designations over the years. Perhaps the reason hides in the communicativeness of the location and its affiliation to the central commercial part of the city. Thus, in practice, the site has begun to function with an important purpose - the storage of food products. However, in the '90s, the winter-house became a studio for shooting BNT productions, and at the end of the decade, the location continues to be emblematic in a new way - with the popular TV shows and children's shows of Katsi Vaptsarov.

After a few years of silence, the winter-house at 32 Tsar Samuil Str. will reincarnate as a stage for contemporary art and culture. Undoubtedly, today, Sofia is in need of an independent stage for presenting contemporary forms in performing arts.

Created in 2010 as the first center for contemporary dance and performance, Derida Dance Center successfully develops its purpose to promote this art, to create the conditions needed for the development of artists and intercultural exchange. Not by chance, the organization receives recognition by the European Commission for good European practice in 2014. The working model of the centers is included in International Entrepreneurship in the arts in Canada. The organization wins the award of Sofia Municipality for developing the contemporary genres in arts, as well as the award in the fields of “DANCE” (2018) and “Contemporary arts” (2016).

“The creation of a sustainable model of management of a cultural organization in an unstable environment is an enormous challenge and requires time. Partnerships with the non-government sector and foreign cultural organizations are in this sense of high importance. The team is thankful for the years-long support of America for Bulgaria Foundation, that allowed us to realize important projects while getting to know I depths the field we work in and gradually start to build international trust. Owing to our partnerships with organizations from Europe, America, and Asia, we succeeded in promoting our activity and turning Derida Dance Center into a preferable destination for artists from all over the world. The living proof of that is the record number of 180 applications of artists from three continents that fight to realize their projects here in Sofia. Another strong partnership is the one with Sofia Municipality and I will be delighted if the tendency to interact with the independent sector continues to develop!” says Atanas Maev – art manager of Derida Dance Center.

During the last year, the focus of the team has been fully aimed at creating an independent stage, which would present dance, theatre, multi-genre forms, film projections, exhibitions, as well as events pointed at children audiences. Through this initiative, the team sets another purpose – to develop new audiences and not to stop creating prerequisites for convergence of people with mutual interests in different fields of contemporary art.

The new location of DERIDA Stage is with the capacity of 100 sitting places, a stage with sizes 10x10 meters, professional dance floor, light, and sound. This specification of the space gives the opportunity to program a diverse content as well as the opportunity to recognize the new stage of Sofia as one of the few spaces in the worldwide context that offer excellent conditions without having the governmental or other institutional financial support. 

“It is inexplicable that in the past 20 years the Ministry of Culture does not develop the mechanisms needed for overcoming the inequality between governmental and private cultural beneficients.  It is impossible to think that this does not hinder the work of freelance artists and of the administrative team of other private cultural organizations. There are no mechanisms that recognize the successful working models in the independent sector and thus they cannot receive equal opportunities. In Bulgaria, to work in the independent sector means to survive alone, with no regards to your success, recognition and cultural value of the projects you work on. Do not get me wrong, despite that fact, we would never give up our choice of being independent artists. I, for one, would deeply appreciate it if the right of the taxpayers was to be respected in terms of choosing how their money shall be used for culture, as they do in other successful economies.” points out Jivko Jeliazkov, artistic director of Derida Dance Center.

The new stage will be opened with the physical performance “MISS JULIE”, the latest production of DERIDA Company. It is provoked by the play of Strindberg and is a dissection of the main character.

A lot of other social problems will also be included in DERIDA Stage`s program. The animals as an instrument for extracting recourses, our strive for material things, the problem with identity in the globalized world – are some of the other themes that will be articulated in the performances – “S INNER”, "FLAPSƎ" and "ArteFACT" of DERIDA Company.

In the program, you can also find the multimedia performance “MONOCROSSING”, which impresses with the dynamically changing visual environment, and  “Zen Play” will provoke us into thinking about gender problematic. 

In April at DERIDA Stage you will have the opportunity to see performances of ATOM Theatre, the choreographers – Petia Mukova and Marion Darova.

“CORPUS MEUM” by Marion Darova draws the attention to the freedom of choosing death – the good death, not a paradox, but a sign of humanity. She asks the question about how much exactly we own our bodies if we do not have rights over them and defends the thesis that without the right to die, the right to live is hypocritical. 

The piece “COLD” of ATOM Theatre talks about the topic of alienation, loneliness, and cruelty. It is focused on the human being and his essence. The project is created by motives of stories of survivors from the Concentration camps in Bulgaria during the XX century and analyses the series of events that happened at those camps. 

"FOUND IN TRANSLATION" by Petia Mukova is a dialogue between the inner voice of the human being and the voice of his mind. Two dancers interpret the problem of self-knowledge and self-acceptance through researching how we translate our unconscious impulses in the language of our behavior. 

The puppet theatre “Thumbelina” by Ekatherina Kazakova finds its special place on DERIDA Stage as well. 

The successful realization of such causes is being recognized all over the world. A fair example of that is the fact that a day after the official announcement of the opening of DERIDA Stage, the biggest media for Art management in the world – International Arts Manager, publishes material about the great news from Sofia. You can see it here: http://bit.ly/2K0xD52

Tickets for the performances you can buy from EasyPay`s offices or online at ePay.Go.