American choreographer Sara Bush guests on Derida Dance Center

Sara Bush – an American choreographer and dancer will come to Sofia on the 19th and 20th of April so as to give a master class in contemporary dance at Derida Dance Center within the one year educational and training program Dance Port Derida. 

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Dance PORT Derida is a one-year educational and training program in the field of contemporary dance. It’s developed by Derida Dance Company and financed by America for Bulgaria Foundation. It provides a new opportunity for free participation to dancers, without experience, but with creative potential. For one year they will have the opportunity to build a solid dance foundation and skills for future career in the field of contemporary dance and physical theater.

Sarah Bush creates her inimitable style of movement by combining years of training in ballet, modern, hip hop, jazz, Afro-Caribbean, and contact improvisation. She attended the University of Utah’s Modern Dance Department for two years on the prestigious Elizabeth R. Hayes scholarship. Sarah received a degree in Dance Performance and Choreography from San Francisco State University. 

Sarah Bush Dance Project (SBDP) formed in 2007 to promote innovative artistry, community interaction, and feminist ideals through the creation and presentation of multimedia dance, as interpreted by the artistic work and vision of Sarah Bush.

“Sarah’s choreography is very physical and demands a lot from our bodies. I’ve never really been asked to lift other people as a woman. To be empowered to know I can is really great.”

– Nina Wu, SBDP dancer

“Dance is the vehicle through which I move in the world. It is the language I use to explore ideas, express emotions and tell stories. Dance is the tool-kit with which I am equipped to honor, celebrate, inspire, educate, entertain, and enhance lives and to positively impact society. I create dances that show strong, emotional, well-rounded women – dances that inspire all women to feel better about our place in the world.

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I believe it is the role of the dancer to perform with the truest, rawest emotion possible to not only receive a rich and satisfying performance experience, but also act as catalyst for the audience’s full range of human emotion.”

-Sarah Bush

CORE VALUES: Feminism, Diversity, Excellence, Authenticity, Accessibility, Empowerment, Versatility, Innovation.