The dance company of the American Rebecca Margolick visits the theatre “Azaryan” at the invitation of Derida Dance Center.

On April 22 from 7:30 p.m. in the theatre,  “Azaryan” viewers will be able to see the performance “Birds sing a pretty song”- a collaboration of choreographer Rebecca Margolick and the interactive artist and composer Maks Berkovich.

Screenshot 2

Two dancers and three musicians perform in the project. Through dance, live music, interactive experience and a movie, the actors recreate a world of privacy, beauty and chaos, where we lose the sense of our true self, while looking for togetherness in the era of digital supervision. 

Tickets can be bought from the registers of the NPC and the ndk.bg, as for pupils and students have a special discount of $5 for a regular ticket price 15 BGN.