About Us

In the year 2002 the director and choreographer Jivko Jeliazkov and the art-manager Atanas Maev were united by the idea to set up a team of artists working in the field of contemporary dance, theatre and show.

In the beginning the team took part in a project which goal was to create a private theatre in Southern Spain. After the successful realization of the project, in the year 2004 Jivko Jelyazkov and Atanas Maev registered Derida Dance Company. They attracted artists from Bulgaria with whom they set up and realized dance and theatre performances which became part of the constant repertoire of the theatre such as: "Ojos ciegos", "Cielo rojo", "Train for Dreamland", "Tripas de Corazón".

2006 is the year in which Derida Dance was added to the Register of Cultural Associations in Spain. After conducting many auditions Derida Dance succeeded in attracting professional artists from: Bulgaria, Spain, Scotland, Wales, Cuba, France, Argentina, Russia.

Till the middle of 2008 the multinational team realized projects as: „Hanky Panky", "Tango on Champs Elysees", "Riding The Wind", "Ojos Ciegos", "Tripas de corazon", "Cielo Rojo".

In April 2010 another idea came true – Derida Dance Centre was founded as the first contemporary dance centre in Sofia.

Derida Dance Center is the only venue in Bulgaria  where freelance  dancers can have daily classess with proven dance choreographers and teachers in the frame of the program "ProBiotic for the contemporary dance in Bulgaria" supported by "America for Bulgaria" Foundation.