Rebekka Boehme - a dancer in Rivers of Europe project: "We are different but we can be one."


The project “Rivers of Europe” is being completed by cultural organizations from 8 different European countries. It is financed by Culture Program 2007 – 2013 of the European Commission. The project includes the creation of a multi-genre performance in the field of contemporary dance, visual arts and music that explores the role of the European rivers in the cultural and historical development of the Old continent.

Derida Dance Center is the project partner responsible for the production of the contemporary dance part of the performance that will be presented on a ship and on dry land in 31 European cities, 11 countries in August and September 2014.

Rebekka E. Böhme works as dancer and choreographer with various artists and companys in the scope of contemporary dance, (site- specific) performance, fire show, film, installing, improvisation, theatre and more. She creates own dance pieces, video works and teaches contemporary dance in Germany and abroad. Together with Johanna Roggan she founded the mind_the_gut dance company. Till 2013 various interdisciplinary and interactive works and an experimental shortfilm have been created. Furthermore Rebekka works as direction and production assistent for several productions as well as organising own events.
More about her you can find at: http://vimeo.com/rebekkaboehme



 How do you find the project Rivers of Europe?
I like this project because it has so many disciplines united, so it gives you the chance to have a proper exchange and to learn from another and each other.

How did you learn about the project?
I found the project on dancing opportunities and it hit me as a great idea to use the boat as a stage. for me it’s very interesting to work and visit different cities.

How does it feel to be chosen for such a big project after five auditions (in Warsaw, Cologne, Novi Sad, Budapest and Sofia)?
It feels great. Since I love to find new destinations I’m happy to travel to so many different places and also to connect with people and the audience in each city, learn about and with them.

Did you know about Derida Dance Company before getting involved in Rivers of Europe?
I got to know Derida Dance Company through a performance in Plovdiv last year – Monocrossing. There I heard of them and saw their work, but it’s a completely new experience to work with them.

How do you interpretate the idea of the project?
I see the river as a mediator but also as a source that devides and simply as a way of moving from one place to the next. You have one thing in between which is the river, but there is the approach of communication but also of different interests. The water consisting of moving molecules/energies which can change to different texture. We are the same – we are different energies and heads but we can be one if we create space to extend. Associating with the word it brings different ideas of movement quality and energies to my head. The river is linear but can be chaotic,too.

Do you feel connected to the other project participants?
Everybody wants to push their own idea, but we are looking for a common product. I really like the team, we can learn from each other since we are very different. It’s nice to sense others and to see how they react and work with the same material. We are united by the openness and our desire to try out things and to learn, also from each other. As we combine different artistic fields it’s nice to see the other artists referring to the topic – river. 

Do you think that such big projects of exchange are useful for the artists?
In every project you deal with another way of choreographing, of dancing, of connecting, thinking and associating, so I think exchanges make you more open to new ways of approach. For example here we are working movement wise, without having an excact plan before what we are doing. We are just learning movements and through the movement we find our idea, so it’s the other way around than I mostly work or others create their pieces. We are working from the outside to the inside.

Which is the biggest challenge for you?
The challenge for me is to stay fine with my body, because it’s a heavy practice. I want to manage to have a good time without stressing myself and my body.

What are your impressions from the other dancers?
I’m impressed by every dancer, since we are with so different qualities and it’s nice to find a common ground. We are taking care for each other and you don’t feel trapped, we just dance and trying our best.

Interview by Tzvetina Vesselinova

 More about the Rovers of Europe project you can learn at http://www.riversofeurope.org/

 The project is  supported by the "Culture 2007-2013" program of the European Comission.



The project is co-financed by the “Culture” Program of Sofia Municipality for 2014 and is being realized in support of the candidature of Sofia and the Southwest Region for European Capital of Culture 2019.