Art Management in the Future Project

Art Management in the Future Project follows up on the result of the initiative for art management education and training started between Sofia Municipality, Sofia Development Association and Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridsky".

During the project some of the participants in "Regional Academy for art management" do an internship at Derida Dance Center. Apart from gaining additional hands-on experience about the process of contemporary dance production, they get to know phenomena like cultural enterpreneurship and residence programs in performing arts. Interns also work on identifying possibilities for partnership between Derida Dance Center and other dance companies and centers in the Southwestern region. The purpose of this work is to find new dance talents and eventually create opportunities for further developing their skills.

The project serves a few essential goals:
- Supports education and training of art managers in the country;
- Supports the process of overcoming the isolation of Sofia as a main center for contemporary dance development;
- Supports the development of contemporary dance performers from outside of Sofia;
- Serves as a starting point for future partnerships between Derida Dance and other dance centers in the country.

Project time frames: January - April 2015

The project is financed by Fund for Cultural Innovation and is supported by:

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