CLASH! When classic and contemporary dance collides and new forms emerge

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“CLASH! When classic and contemporary dance collides and new forms emerge” came out of a reflection that Balletto di Roma has been pursuing for years about the production and transmission systems of the so-called “classical” and “contemporary” dance. This is a cross-examination of some categories of sense now presumed to be stabilized but still not much outlined in terms of analysis of specific traditions, sharing of choreographic practices and working systems.

Hence the need to investigate the “state of the art” in Europe, with particular attention not only to the most established realities in the contemporary area (for the most located in Northern Europe), but also and above all the institutions that want to implement their contemporary creations and therefore have the need to work on new codes, production models, relations with the audience.

The CLASH! project intends to support the dance companies of South and Eastern Europe, traditionally more active in classical training and production, towards the production of contemporary dance, which nowadays requires new training tools, a new internal management and new strategies for audience development. At the same time, since the project will also produce productions and co-productions, CLASH! also shares the objective of promoting the exchange and circulation of works and artists at European level.

To present the results of the practical researches led by the partners of the CLASH! Project – – Balletto di Roma (IT), 420PEOPLE (CZ), Art Link Foundation representing Derida Dance Centre (BG), Companhia de Dança de Almada (PT), Polski Teatr Tanca (PL) and Sapienza University of Rome (IT), the CLASH!

E-book is officially published in September 2020. It aims to continue the development of a Professional Empowerment Strategy and to face together the issues coming from the three-macro areas of the project: Dancer’s Training; Audience Development; Marketing and Communication. The second step is tthe International event CLASH! Hybrid Festival. It will be a unique online digital festival performed long six days, from the 8th to the 13th of December 2020.