Albena Baeva in regard to ARTeFACT: I am thrilled that the performance gets the proper recognition even after so much time.

Photo: Ivo Kuker

We are presenting you Albena Baeva, creator of the interactive visual environment in the performance ARTeFACT – multimedia dance performance.

Only a few days ago, the piece ARTeFACT was chosen for PG 2019. This is an enormous recognition for the team. The Quadrennial in Prague is one of the most prestigious events in terms of scenography, and undoubtedly, the unique visual environment and software created by Albena Baeva are definitely worthwhile.

After almost three years, ARTeFACT – multimedia dance performance reincarnated at Derida Stage/Сцена Дерида.

22 May 2019, 19:30 h.

Tickets: http://bit.ly/ARTeFACT-22MAY


Albena Baeva has two masters degrees in “Restoration”(2008) and “Digital arts”(2010) from The National Academy of Arts in Sofia, where she specialises in Technology of arts from XII to XXI century. In 2011 she wins the “Esl” award for contemporary art and a special invitation by Vienna Insurance Group. She is one of the founders of the platform for interdisciplinary performances “Runabout project”, studio for interactive design “Reactive” and experimental laboratory “Symbiomatter.”


Her works are being shown at museums for contemporary art “Esl”(Austria, 2011), “EMMA” (Finland, 2013), Museum for contemporary art Vojvodina (Serbia, 2015), at exhibitions and festivals for video and performance in Austria, USA, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Lithuania, Serbia, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine, France, Finland and Switzerland.

We asked Albena: 

Derida (D): How does one create a virtual partner in contemporary dance with the help of new technologies? 

Albena (A): How does one work with new technologies without creating a virtual partner – that, for me, has always been the question with no answer. Current technologies are so much more than just an instrument, “one more brush”. They can make decisions, create, communicate with us. To claim that you use new technologies when all you actually do is to project big pictures on different surfaces is nothing more than showing disrespect to the technologies in question. However, as all good things, the virtual partner is being created by a lot of studying, work, bravery and experiment.

D: The performance is presented at stages all over the world. Do you think that its success finds its grounds in the interaction of three very strong arts?

A: In the process of creating this piece, something very beautiful and rare happened – everything fell in its place, almost like magic. What is more, that is visible for each and every one. Personally, I believe that its success finds its grounds in the fact that the three of us – I, Jivko Jeliazkov and Ivan Shopov, are innovators in our own fields. We work awfully much and we are never satisfied with something less than perfect. 

D: What is it like to break through the Quadrennial in Berlin?

A: It was a huge surprise. Very unexpected. Although I often work with dance and theatre performances, I am not a scenographer and rarely happen upon such classifications. I am thrilled that the performance gets the proper recognition even after so much time.

D: You have many more awards, for example, the international award of the Austrian museum ESL. Do you have any ideas of how to share this experience with the young artists interested in contemporary art? 

A: Whenever I have the opportunity to share my experience with young colleagues, I do it. I do workshops, presentations and talks. More often than not, I also have assistants, who help me with current problems and thus get the chance to collide with quite real situations.

D: What should we expect from ARTeFACT?

A: The unexpected. I am on pins and needles, myself.