The team of "DERIDA Stage" decided to develop the initiative "DERIDA Srage onLINE" in partnership with URBO ( an entertainment platform which streams videos, promotes and sells tickets for performances - www.urboapp.com.). The reason for this is the current dynamically changing situation with the spread of COVID-19, which puts artists in a state of uncertainty about their future and isolation from their audiences. "DERIDA Stage onLINE" is being realized with the support of Sofia Municipality, "Solidarity in culture" program.

We strongly believe that access to art in the current situation is a good opportunity to make physical isolation more bearable. Furthermore, such initiative would be a useful tool to support on the one hand - our stage - the only independent stage for contemporary dance and theatre in Bulgaria, and on the other hand - all the participating artists.

The main idea of "DERIDA Stage onLINE" is to promote and stream on an international level Bulgarian and foreign socially engaged dance performances, that would be preselected by our artistic director Jivko Jeliazkov, using the principle of selection of the regular program of "DERIDA Stage". Along with the broadcast of the performances, discussion panels will be incorporated, through which the audience would get in touch with the artistic teams themselves, including choreographers, dancers, composers, set designers, and visual artists.

The selected performances will be uploaded and promoted in URBO, as well as distributed through our established communication channels. Access to them will be limited, and spectators will have the opportunity to choose the type of ticket to buy:

    • 5 BGN - symbolic ticket;

    • 15 BGN - standard ticket;

    • 30 BGN - donation to support artists.

The funds raised from one performance will be distributed among the participating artists, the intermediary streaming company, and  DERIDA Stage.

The performance with which we start "DERIDA Stage onLINE" is FLAPSE - the only foreign show invited and presented in December 2018 as part of the Jerusalem Dance Week at the historic Beth Mazia Theater.

When the present disappears;
When the past becomes a shelter;
When we are hiding from the wind in a memory chest,
When the fear OF conquers the desire FOR…

The performance is suitable for a foreign audience.

Choreographer: Jivko Jeliazkov
Sound environment: Ivan Shopov
Photographer: Yana Lozeva
Graphic Design: Teodora Simova
Performance: Vasil Zelyamov and Gergana Ilieva
Producer: Atanas Maev

Jivko Jeliazkov was awarded IKAR 2017 for his piece S INNER and is one of the TOP 20 choreographers of Europe for 2018 to the largest platform for contemporary dance "Aerowaves - dance across Europe". 
His works have been presented in Vancouver, Tel Aviv (Suzanne Dellal Center), Jerusalem (Machol Shalem Dance House), and Beijing. 

The performance will be available at URBO Live: https://bit.ly/3fvkSLl from May 10th to May 24th. The first 48h the access would be free with the opportunity to support us by buying a ticket:

Symbolic ticket: 5 BGN

Standard ticket: 15 BGN

VIP ticket: 30 BGN


More detail about the upcoming program of "DERIDA Stage onLINE" soon!