Gennaro Maione - the third resident of "Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019"arrived in Sofia

The third resident of “Derida Dance Center Residency Program 2019” – Gennaro Maione arrived in Sofia on 15 August. Yesterday he did an audition to choose three dancers for his new project SEXTING THE HAPPY ENDING that he would develop during his residency at Derida Dance Center. 

SEXTING THE HAPPY ENDING - The final chapter has been characterized as "happy ending", a story into the intimacy that ranges from sexuality to pornography, from sadism to voyeurism. It is a very personal way to practice virtual sex and interpersonal relationships that Maione would like to convert into physical and emotional. How/What the virtual relationships are based on, where the only grip is to exchange sexually explicit messages that do not tell a reality but rather fantasy?

You would have the opportunity to sneak a peek to the working process on 6 September at 19:30 h at Derida Stage, with free entrance. 

Let us introduce you the chosen dancers.  

Perle Cayron, JoahnVolmar and Hugo Olagnon.

* The project is pаrt of the Calendar of cultural events of Sofia Municipality for 2019.