Zen Play
Begin: 27.02.2020, 19:30
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
Zen Play играе с познатите ни концептуални картини, развива болтовете и гайките на установените форми. Лъкатуши и заличава демаркационните линии на съзнанието – там, където свършва една идея и започва друга. Илюзията за реалност е напълно реална. Мъжът не е мъж, а жената не е жена. Представлението е за всеки, който не се страхува да порасне надолу.
Free spaces: 70

Begin: 09.03.2020, 19:30
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
С танцовия пърформанс Corpus meum, авторът Марион Дърова провокира към дебат за легализиране на евтаназията. Добра смърт. Не парадокс, а хуманност. Свободата е избор, който не ми е даден. Мое ли е тялото, ако нямам права върху него.
Free spaces: 70

Begin: 11.03.2020, 19:30
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
Когато настоящето изчезне; Когато миналото се превърне в убежище; Когато сме се скрили от вятъра в сандък със спомени; Когато страхът ОТ се срещне с желанието ЗА...
Free spaces: 70

Begin: 12.03.2020, 19:30
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
СТУД на ATOM THEATRE е един от трите танцово-театрални проекта, спечелили конкурса Три3ависим / Tri3avisim 2017- инициатива на Гилдия за Съвременни изпълнителски изкуства - ГСИИ.
Free spaces: 70

Begin: 17.03.2020, 19:30
Location: Сцена ДЕРИДА
Най-новото представление на Живко Желязков с участници от програмата Dance PORT Derida.
Free spaces: 68

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ARTeFACT - performance by Derida Dance


ARTeFACT- new production of Derida Dance

ARTeFACT is a multimedia dance performance focusing on the persuit of new identity that overcomes social and cultural boundaries. Such processes often accompany the modern nomad-artist in his/her search for opportunities for being a creator and not a product  in the globalized world. The action develops through interaction between visual medium, sound and body, which allows focusing on different stages and on formation of individual point of view.
The concept and choreography are created by Jivko Jelyazkov who joins efforts in this experimental study with the dancer Petia Mukova, visual artist Albena Baeva and prolific musician Ivan Shopov also known as Cooh and Balkansky.

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ASA - dance performance

A.S.A (Average Speed of Answer) is a dance performance – co-production between Edno Magazine and Derida Dance, a part of the projects "Circle: connecting dance practices in Europe" and “Probiotic for contemporary dance in Bulgaria”

The project "Circle: connecting dance practices in Europe" is coordinated by Edno Magazine in cooperation with Pro Progressione Tanacsabo, Hungary and Dance Theatre "Aura", Lithuania. The project was financed by Program Culture of the European Commission and Sofia Municipality.

Probiotic for Contemporary Dance in Bulgaria is a one-year project of Derida Dance Center financed by America for Bulgaria Foundation

The production of the performance is also financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.

Участниците в проекта са избрани на последователно проведени кастинги в Будапеща, Унгария; Каунас, Литва; София, България.
The project participants were chosen during a few casting sessions in Budapest, Hungary; Kaunas, Lithuania, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The rehearsal period was three months and the performance was an opening of the International Dance Festival Aura in Kaunas, Lithuania. The second premiere was in Milenarish Theatre, Budapest, and the third premiere performance opened Sofia Dance week.

Executive team:
Choreography and conception: Jivko Jeliazkov;
Tutor – Silvia Tomova;
Dancers: Varga Boglyarka and Adam Fridzhi from Hungary; Marius Minigis from Lithuania; Jung In Lee, South Korea; Petia Mukova and Daniela Ivanova from Bulgaria;
Music – Kliment Dichev;
Visual Art – Aleksandar Petrov;
Coordination Assistant – Katerina Georgieva;
Translation – Poli Sasheva;
Photographer – Borislav Balushev;
Production Manager – Atanas Maev;

- Sept 21st 2011, Opening of the 21st Edition of  AURA" 21 Iternational Dance Festival
- Sept 24th 2011, Budapest, Hungary
- Sept 26th 2011, Opening of Sofia Dance Week Festival;

This project is financed with the support of Culture Program of the European Commission.
This publication reflects the personal views of its author and the European Commission is not to be held liable for its content.

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HACK is a dance-installation, separated into several physical dimensions. Gaining control over the challenges, offered by the different dimensions, a change is stated in one dysfunctional internal system.

The presence of the audience in this environment, creates additional circumstances and provocations towards the participants in this fulfillment.

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Saumo- contemporary dance performance

Independent in the beginning but dependent in the end! Or dependent in the beginning but independent in the end!
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Riding The Wind


Riding The Wind

In "Riding The Wind" one becomes aware of his own shaping. Accepting the established formulae of Life, so as some drastic religious doctrines, we don't realize our own manipulation.

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