Residency program 2012

Runabout Project – “Azamen”


The artist Albena Baeva and the scenographer Petya Boyukova create a computer program and a special wireless costumes through which the dancers record sounds and words, modulate and control them so that they create their own music to which to dance. The challenge to turn their bodies in instruments for creating music and dance together was accepted by Alexander Mandzhukov and Sofia Georgieva.

They use digital technologies to makes a research on the oldest of human feelings – love. They try to understand what happens when we go out of the love balloon, how many faces our lover has and can we love them all.

Theater “Atom” – Metamorphosis

“Metamorohosis” is made totally on the basis of a research of the human body and its language as a means of expression on the stage. The project shows the connection between the male and female genesis, the stages of metamorphosis through which they go until they reach harmony. The performance shows its projection through the bodies of the artists.

Authors and participants: Stefania Gerogieva and Hristo Takov. Costumes and scenography: Stefania Gerogieva; Composer: Hristo Takov, lights: Kamen Marin.


Association “Based on a true story” – “One-language dictionary”

The project “One-language dictionary” creates a few dance miniatures in one performance on the basis of research of the semantics of words chosen for each one of them. It focuses on the individual interpretation and the conflicts and associations provoking the motions of a person in interaction with the meaning and the pronunciation of a certain word.

The project’s idea belongs to Ognyan Golev and its realization was taken on by Irina Goleva. The dance interpretations were made by Denitsa Dikova. The musis and sounds are created on spot by Alexander Daniel. The performance interprets contemporary dance to a contemporary one-language dictionary.