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PROTOCOOP from Derida Dance on Vimeo.

Bulgarian-Korean project in the field of contemporary dance

ProtoCOOP is an international dance production by Derida Dance in cooperation with the Korean dance festival (KDF). The project participants are eleven dancers from South Korea who have been granted scholarships for their excellent performance during the festival and eight Bulgarian dancers who have successfully completed all stages of Dance PORT Derida – training program financed by America for Bulgaria Foundation. 

The project came to life after the choreographer Jivko Jeliazkov took part in the Korean dance festival in august this year. He was the only choreographer from Europe. Together with Christian von Howard (Аlvin Аiley school) и Gerri Houlihan (American Dance Festival) he led a two-weeks intensive workshop. Two of the dancers with the best performance were granted scholarships for the American Dance Festival – ADF and twelve of them – for Derida Dance Center.

The concept and choreography belong to Jivko Jeliazkov, and together with him the 30-day dancing marathon joined 19 dancers and the assistant Jungin Lee from South Korea as well as the resourceful musician Ivan Shopov, also known as Balkansky and Cooh.

Idea and shoreography: Jivko Jeliazkov
Assistant: Jung In Lee (South Korea)
Music: Ivan Shopov – Cooh, Balkansky
Graphic design: Polina Stoyanova
Public Relations: Gergana Kutseva
Production Manager: Atanas Maev

Kang Yoon Chan
Kim Ki Hyung
Yook Nan Hee
Lee Kang Seok
Lee Kyung Gu
Lee Seung Ju
Lee Yeon Ju
Jung Jin A
Choi Young Jun
Hong Ye Eun
Hwang Chan Yong
Byung-hee Jeon
Milena Videnova
Petya Mukova
Polina Stoyanova
Diana Ivanova
Ivet Georgieva
Philip Milanov
Stela Tomova
Stefani Handzhiiska

Derida Dance works for the process of opening of the Bulgarian cultural field by attracting artists from Europe and Asia to take part in cooperative projects. After the first three years of its existence Derida Dance Center has been recognized as a reliable partner for executing essential projects, in many of which prominent international organizations participate. The public interest towards the activities and the results that Derida Dance Center achieves proves that there is a need for creating more alternative venues for contemporary art and culture.

In 2011 the performance ASA, co-production of Derida Dance and Edno Magazine opened a few international festivals, among which were Sofia Dance Week 2011 and AURA 21 in Caunas, Lithuania. The company also does projects aimed at the professional development of freelance dancers – e.g. “Probiotic for the contemporary dance in Bulgaria” and “Dance PORT Derida”, both supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation.
Today Derida Dance is an official member of one of the biggest international networks in the field of the contemporary art performances IETM as well as an Aerwaves partner (Aerwaves is an international network for dance performances).

Jivko Jeliazkov graduates as an actor in the National Academy for Theatre and Cinema Art in Sofia, Bulgaria. He specializes contemporary choreography and dance theatre in Victorian College of Arts, Melbourne, Australia. Jivko works with Arabesk Ballet as a guest choreographer. He is one of the creators of the theatre project Fairplay Golf Hotel & Spa, Benalup (Cádiz), Spain. Jivko is a co-founder and art director of Derida Dance Company as well as the first center for contemporary dance in Bulgaria – Derida Dance Center. He is a choreographer and director of the following performances: "Artefact", "ASA",  „Саумо”, “Riding The Wind”, “Hanky Pnky”, “Tango on Champs Elysees”, “Obsesión”, “Cielo Rojo”, “Train For Dreamland”, “Tripas de Corazón”, “Ojos Ciegos”, “Depuis La Jour”, “Viva Verdi”, “¾ Луна”, “Space and time”.
In August 2012 Jivko is the only choreographer from Europe invited to lead a workshop within the Korean Dance Festival (KDF). A little later he was made an offer by Central Europe Dance Theater to make a solo performance with a Hungarian dancer who was granted a Best Hungarian Dancer Award in 2012.

The resourceful musician Ivan Shopov is known under many nicknames. Balkansky is his Dubstep and IDM nickname in dance music. He shows up in issues for labels like Kuker Music, Z Audio, Wicky Lindows, Dubsaw, Ad Noiseam, Dub Monkey, Hollow Point, Subtrakt  and Ohm Resistance. His discography increases each week in the last year. He performs at festivals and clubs in Australia, Mexico, Colombia, New Zealand and travels almost every weekend throughout Europe. That makes him one of the most successful names in the electro music http://www.ivanshopov.com.

Jungin Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea. She studied contemporary dance in Kyung-Hee University, South Korea where she graduated as a master in contemporary dance. Jungin works in Seoul Dance Theatre and takes part in many international dance projects. She also does choreography and teaches dancing. In 2008 she won a second reward in Tokyo Nakano Dance Competition. Between 2009 and 2010 Jungin lives and works in Berlin. In 2011 she was invited to work in Derida Dance and takes part in Derida Dance latest project ARTeFACT as a solo dancer.

The performance is a part of Dance PORT Derida Program, supported by America for Bulgaria Foundation and is financed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture in partnership with Korea Dance Festival, Seoul and Youth Theatre “Nikolai Binev”, Sofia.

Official vision of the project:  https://www.dropbox.com/s/meoz1snva8f23s1/protoCOOP-viz-resized.jpg
Pictures from the rehearsals (photographer Daniel Ahchiev):  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/49ozmmrm0ybysyg/QhW3eR3Djq