The name is “Mayday” – a word internationally recognized as a call for help in an emergency situation. The performance is a detective magnifying glass through which the spectators will see the bulging shapes of communicative chaos in a dynamic competitive environment. The development of technologies helps us exchange information. In the multimedia performance “Mayday” the exchange of messages is incessant but even that doesn’t help the need of “emergency traffic”* that remains in protagonists while trying to survive.

The choreography by Jivko Jeliazkov, scenography by Ralitsa Zorteva, music by Ivan Shopov (Cooh/Balkansky) and the video talently done by Polina Stoyanova (Jo Iyaa) give the three performers Milena Videnova, Petya Mukova and Philip Milanov the opportunity to test the possibilities of the dynamic emergency traffic and to show the spectators a new interpretation of the solution of survival.

*Emergency traffic is an exchange of electronic messages, for giving or receiving emergency signals when people’s lives are under imminent danger and they need immediate help.

This project is realized with the financial support of Bulgarian Ministry of Culture.