Residency program 2010 - 2011

Nocturno Project – from dust to shining


From dust to radiance is the distance from life without love to life above love. This is the way two people go through until they realize the purpose of their love.  The research of a process is always more difficult than the research of the results. This process is a story the performance tells.

To show the way through all its phases - from dust to mundane daily life, through the severe power of politics and economics to shining coming from the unification of two people. The relationship needs to get over itself each day. It needs to develop and go to new levels. Otherwise it loses itself.





Galina Borisova – About (the) variety…between polar and academic


This is a stage version of “The Sleeping Beauty”, “The Beauty and the beast” and the popular TV show “The better you look”. The performance provokes with its spontaneity to change the identity of the artists in their different roles – social models of types of people for whom expression is entertainment and unnecessary vanity.

The roles of the “beauty” – the artists as “professionals” and the “beast” – the artists as amateurs make us ask ourselves what would happen if one day we were awakened not by the beauty but the beast.

galia borissova work