Residency program 2013

Alicia Christoff –Walsh – “Shift(h)er”


Shift(h)er is a bittersweet love story that explores how idealistic memories and nostalgic feelings can resonate in a person, physically and emotionally, long after they have fallen in love. The starting point for this dance work is Alicia's interest in the double meaning of words in colloquial Hiberno-English, especially the word 'shift.’  In Ireland the word shift has two definitions, to move or replace something and to kiss passionately.  Shift(h)er is a honest and touching piece, full of nuanced movements and exaggerated climaxes. 

Alicia is an Irish-based dance artist originally from Boston, USA.  She graduated from The Boston Conservatory with a BFA in Dance and her work has been performed in New York City, Boston, New Hampshire and throughout Ireland.  


 Shifther-Alicia Christofi-Walshe-1


Cultural Foundation “A25” – “Cardiogram”

The idea, dramaturgy and music in “Cardiogram” belong to the “digital artist” Martin Penev who doesn’t allow this piece to be only dance but makes it a visual performance where the environment is a separate personage.

Simultaneously limiting and freeing the costumes are done by Mira Petrova. An assistant of the production is Stefan Donchev. The choreography and dance belong to Violeta Vitanova and Stanislaw Genadiev. The actress Gergana Hristova also takes part in the performance. With beating dance pulsations the performance meets the spectator directly into the psyche of the protagonist. You will see him lost in his own obsessions and delusional projections, which take autonomy, scare him and attract him.




Kathleen Doherty“Chasing Shadows”

Chasing Shadow's came about due to a need for reflection on the inevitability of life.
What is it that keeps us going? Why do we keep going? How are we keeping going?
Is it in a positive manner, are we being conscious with our choices and life decisions,
or in this whirlwind are we being dragged towards the inevitable end.

Physically, the aim has always been to push boundaries both physical and emotional, while keeping a holistic approach to the body, minimising injury, maximising energy generation.
Connection within both the physical and emotive body leads to a greater connection with the creative process and ultimately the audience.

Kathleen, is an Irish Dance artist, working in both Slovenia and Dublin. She trained at the Northern School of Contemporary dance.
As a dancer she has worked for Dance Theatre of Ireland, Ffin Dance(wales), Irish Modern Dance Theatre. She is rehearsal director for Threads Dance, London, and has directed sell out shows for the aerial dance sensation Paper Dolls.




Tonia Zikou (Greece) – “Create limits”

Tonia Zikou was born in Athens, in 1986. She graduated from the Higher School of Dance ‘’Morianova – Trasta ‘’ in Athens

"The project “Create limits” is based on how limits can help us become more creative and finally set us free.  When we are dancing limits are already there, in the space, in time, in energy, in our own body and we are using them even though we do that unconsciously.  What I am trying to find out is what happens when we are consciously using that limits, when that limits become the goal. Is everything going to change, our movement or our sense of space and time?“



[UN]Limited Edition – Iskra Ivanova

[UN]Limited Edition is a multimedia performance, in which the object is situated in a limited space, digitalized and multiplied. In this way it spreads through the space freely and creates its own character. The performance explores the connection copy-original, on one hand, and the balance between “live performance” and digital, one the other.



LORA - Oz Mulai (Israel) and Laura Arend (France)

Oz Mulai was born in Israel. He is recognized as an excellent dancer and awarded the American-Israeli Cultural Foundation scholarship.

Laura Arend was born in France. She graduates the National Dance Conservatory and is a part of its performance team for a season. She has founded Laboration Art Company. Her performances are presented in the mystical Judson Church in New York as well as in Scène National du Carreau, France.

The performance “LORA”, on which Oz and Laura work in Bulgaria is an exploration of the deep processes in the human soul and brings to the surface the ideas of madness and limits, darkness and the forbidden shadows in each of us.



Illusions“ – Mladen Aleksiev

Illusionsgoes like afilm of life told from the “moment of balance” point of view when the whole life goes in front of one’s eyes like a film reel. The experience of the author, the world famous Russian play-writer Ivan Viripaev as a writer and director of several movies (“Oxygen”, “Euphoria”) and his cinematic thinking has put a sheer mark on the performance.

Text: Ivan Viripaev
Translation: Neva Micheva
Director: Mladen Aleksiev
Scenography, costumes, additional video: Evgenia Syrbeva
Music: Kalin Nikolov
Camera: Boryana Pandova, Ivan Donchev
Montage: Stoyan Velinov
Graphic design: What if…