A.S.A- Contemporary Dance Performance

A.S.A (Average speed of answer) is a contemporary dance performance co-production between  Spisanie Edno  and  Derida Dance and a part of the “Circle: connecting dance practices in Europe" project and “Probiotic for the Contemporary dance in Bulgaria”.
The project “Circle: connecting dance practices in Europe" is developed and coordinated by Spisanie Edno Ltd., Bulgaria with co-organizers Pro Progressione Tanacsabo, Hungary and Dance Theatre "Aura", Lithuania and is funded by Programme Culture of the European Commission and Sofia’s municipality.
“Probiotic for the Contemporary dance in Bulgaria” is a training program of Derida Dance  funded by the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation.
The dancers have been selected during the auditions in Budapest, Hungary, Kaunas, Lithuania and Sofia, Bulgaria. A.S.A is additionally supported by the bulgarian Ministery of Culture.

For the choreographer:
Jivko Jeliazkov is a director and choreographer, prize winner for Best contemporary choreography in 2001, Sofia. He has been invited as a choreorgapher in numerous performances of the Contemporary Dance Company “Ballet Arabesque”, Sofia.
Together with Atanas Maev (art manager) they created  Derida Dance in 2004, a contemporary dance company. By 2008 they realized projects with artists from Bulgaria, Spain, Cuba, Wales, Scotland, France, etc. In 2010 the tandem created the first Centre for contemporary dance in Sofia – Derida Dance Centre.

Concept and choreography: Jivko Jeliazkov
Rehearsal Director: Silvia Tomova
Video design: Aleksander Petrov
Music: Kliment Dichev
Cast: Ádám Frigy (Hungary), Boglarka Varga (Hungary), Jungin Lee (South Korea), Marius Pinigis (Lithuania), Petya Mukova (Bulgaria), Daniela Ivanova (Bulgaria)
Co-production of   Spisanie Edno (Bulgaria), Derida Dance (Bulgaria), Pro Progressione (Hungary), Dance Theatre "Aura" (Lithuania)
Production Manager: Atanas Maev

- 21st Sep 2011, the Opening of AURA"21 Iternational Dance Festival
- 24th Sep 2011, Budapest
- 26th Sep 2011, the Opening of Sofia Dance Week Festival

culture_mini  This project has been funded with support of Programme Culture of the European Commision.
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