Yulia Mezhetskaya - the first foreign artist in residency in the frame of "Derida Dance Center Residency Program" for 2021


Derida Dance Center Residency Program is one of the fundamental and exceptionally successful programs, which the dance company has been developing since 2010. Its main objective is to support young choreographers from Bulgaria and abroad in the creation of their dance pieces. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to work and realizing the program and we have the pleasure to present you the first foreign choreographer, selected to visit us in 2021!

Yulia Mezhetskaya, alongside her composer – Itay Tamarov is visiting Sofia from July 2 to July 18 as part of “Derida Dance Center Residency Program”. She is working on the creation of “Energy Conversation” – a solo that researches the source of our constant movement - what helps us to always be in motion, what is the basic reason for movement, and how movement changes under the influence of time.
The work deals with the philosophical questions: How does movement itself produce movement, and where within it is our desire as human beings?  By understanding and gradually breaking down the movement into its components, do we gain "wholeness" and enlightenment, or do we bring ourselves to self-exhaustion?
Mezhetskaya’s idea is to develop the solo into a 4-hours long piece that would be happening in a museum, particularly in the lobby, from where the visitors start and finish their tour. Thus, the audience repeatedly passes by the performer, experiencing at the same time the attrition and conservation of energy, and notices the change and development of the choreography in a non-linear manner similar to the dance itself based on the principle of periodicity and spiral.

You can sneak a peek into her working process on July 17 from 19:30 h at DERIDA Stage. The event will be free of charge and in accordance with all anti-epidemic measures.  (https://www.facebook.com/events/809280269773959)

Trailer: https://youtu.be/MZrhtrV9GT8

From July 12 to July 16, Yulia will be teaching a workshop to young dancers from the educational and training program Dance PORT Derida.

Apart from presenting at DERIDA Stage, Julia will present her work on 28.07. 2021, with our partners from Machol Shalem Dance House, Jerusalem, Israel, who also supported the realization of her artistic residence, together with the Israeli Embassy in Bulgaria. On August 17, 2021, she will present her work in the format of a dance film as part of the Barutina Program.

Yulia starts her education in Moscow, Russia (RE:FORMATION; THE STAGE), and continues her development in Germany, Spain, and Israel.

More about her creative process: https://youtu.be/tigyIpmj0w8

cveten-1   “Derida Dance Center Residency Program” is part of the Calendar of Cultural Events of Sofia Municipality for 2021.