М ЕТ А МОР Ф ОЗА / 02.02., 20:02 ч.

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performance by
ATOM theatre

Authors: Stefaniya Georgieva and Hristo Takov.
Music by Hristo Takov.
Scenography and costumes by Stefaniya Georgieva.
Light design by Kamen Marin.
Photography by Ivan Donchev.

M ET AMOR  PH O SIS is built entirely based on an exploration of the human body and its language as a mean of expression on the stage.

At its core, the project consideres the relationship between the male and the female beginings, their stages of metamorphosis through which they pass to reach their full harmony. This whole process is projected through the actors`bodies.

M ET AMOR  PH O SIS is a personal project of each viewer, as him personal questions and seeks personal answers. This gives the audiance the chanse to build their own story and gives them the right to choose whether to be a part of it or just to be and observer. So the viewer is not just a spectator, he became an artist.
This project is supported by Ministry of Culture, ETUD foundation and from the residency program of  Derida Dance Centre.


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