Approved applications for "Platform 9 3/4" - Part II

"Platform 9 3/4" is a pilot project related to the distribution of theatrical works on DERIDA Stage. It is focused on young teams at the beginning of their career. The main goal of the project is to create a platform at DERIDA Stage, which will present young independent artists in partnership conditions, through which to support and encourage their career development.

We are pleased to present to you the last four approved projects that you will have the opportunity to see at DERIDA Stage in the new season!

"Tango in Space"  is a theatrical comedy with elements of anti-utopia by Zdrava Kamenova and Gergana Dimitrova, produced by 36 monkeys.

Three modern magicians tell us a story. A story about our planet. The year is 2027. The coast of Argentina is sinking. Bulgaria is a barren territory in the Balkans. China wants to conquer the moon. As the planet suffocates, three restless beings in three different parts of the world meet in their dreams and change not only their destinies but also the destiny of the Earth. An Argentine tango teacher suffers from a mental disorder and dreams of love. Her mother dreams that she is Schumacher's boyfriend. A Chinese astronaut sent to the moon doesn't really want to fly into space and hates the party that banished her father from exile. A silkworm grows in the aquarium of a Bulgarian rapper who trades on the black web market while the world is on the brink of survival. Will anyone save the planet? 

Arsitsts: Bogdana Trifonova, Zdrava Kamenova, Anrtoan Petrov
Director: Gergana Dimitrova
Music: Veselin Veselinov - Eco
Visual identity, scenography, costumes: Elena Shopova and Nikola Nalbantov
Assistant Director: Pavla Kotova

"I want" is a dance performance of Atom Theater, subordinated to the theme of desires and their destructive power in a relationship, when they are an end in themselves when they pursue personal goals and satisfy illusions. The work that inspired the creation of the creative concept of the show is from Jorge Bucay's book - "Fairy Tales". It raises many questions about the relationship between man and woman. Finding balance in your relationship with another person is a very difficult, often impossible task, which is present in people's daily lives, excites them, makes them fall into different states and seek answers. Through the aesthetics of contemporary dance, we tell the stories of seven people, sink into the floating sands of communication between them and seek a solution to the "mystery".

Choreographer: Stefaniya Georgieva
Dance: Kalina Georgieva, Dorina Puncheva, Pepi Koleva, Eleonora Miteva, Tsvetan Apostolov, Milen Petrov, Dimitur Goranov
MusicJohannes Schropp
Photographer: Ivan-Alexander Ivanov/ Photo-Corps
Trailer: http://bit.ly/i-want-ATOM

"hang in there" is a performance by Tsveta Doycheva and her debut as a choreographer.

It is increasingly suggested that the topics of discrimination, violence, and gender stereotyping are overexploited, that it is time to talk and think in new categories. "Hang in there" will insist that the need to look closely at the daily routine of the trauma has not faded at all. There is a lot of talk about violence, but it is the hardest to talk about. Typical of the traumatic experience is the loss of the tongue, the difficulty in naming the pain. "Hang in there" is an attempt to "verbalize" the physical and motor limitations and helplessness, to cross the line of paralysis and victimization.

Choreographer: Tsveta Doycheva
Costumes: Teodora Vuikodinova and Tsveta Doycheva
Music: Angel Simitchiev
Photographer: Yana Lozeva
Poster: Hasan Halilov 
Dance: Adelina Jeliazkova, Isabel Mitkova, Tsveta Doycheva, Yanitsa Atanasova

"Made for Happiness" is a production of Brain Store Project Foundation and DNK - Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance.  

The performance is a commentary on a topic which we often consider unquestionable, but which turns out to be very important in our contemporary culture: what is happiness and how do we achieve it? To create their “happy show”, Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager studied various popular manuals, tests, and websites for measuring happiness, documentaries, and scientific papers. Equipped with the findings, they embark on an hour-long session in which they will produce happiness for the audience and for themselves. On the stage, they are armed with stress balls, Champaign, and other pleasant stimuli. And alluringly invite us to “Laugh! Cry! Scream! We just want you to be happy!”

Concept and Performance: Iva Sveshtarova and Willy Prager 
Dramaturgy: Ivana Ivković (Croatia) 
Music: Emilian Gatsov – Elbi 
Light Design: Ralitsa Toneva 
Graphic Design and Costumes: Georgi Florov 


 The project "Platform 9 3/4" is being realized with the support of Sofia Municipality, "Culture" Program.