Contemporary Dance

съвременен танц

There is no need for prior subscription, it happens in Derida Dance Center a little before the class.


The classes include - exersise (psyho-physical training), methodically applying of techniqus for creating physical movement based on subjectively perception - controling and transfering the energy bring about off the body`s movement in the space.

Petya Mukova

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Petya Mukova has really an unusual history as dancer – she starts dancing on the age of 25 and her first filed is the salsa dance and the dance animation. On the age of 33 she makes a sharp turn in her development and takes the decision that the only dance style which will full satisfie her searches for creativity, freedom, expression and opportunities for realization of her potentials is the contemporary dance and she turns all her energy to it.

From 2010 Petya Mukova becomes part of the team of Derida Dance Company and she tooks part in most of the productions of the choreographer  Jivko Jeliazkov („Hack”, A.S.A., ProtoCOOP, ARTeFACT, MONOCROSSING, MAYDAY, Silent Weapon, „METRONOM“).As choreographer she already have three creations - ,,Graviton “ ,,Excitements “ and ,, Cages”. Through the years she works in collaboration with international choreographers and companies such as Sidra Bell (New York) Luise Maraffa (Brussels) Norman Douglas (Scotland) the Dutch company DeStilte and many others. 

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