Organic juggling

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Beginning of the course: 8th of January 2017 


The aim of the Organic juggling is to develop the ability for expression (including the artistic one) through combination of contemporary and juggling techniques. In the classes you will be able to explore:

-      - Basic ways for throwing the ball in the air and how it reflects on the body reactions

-      - The following of an object with the gaze and the conscious unfollowing of the object

-      - The connection of the juggler with his object

-      - Proper body placement

-      - Isolations of particular parts of the body in the space and in the same time movement of other ones

-      - The point of balance of a ball when it is positioned on the body

-      - Physical spaces which we can experiment with

-      - Changes of the rhythm and the quality of movement

-      - Optical illusions

With the help of the technique ,,Alexander “ the course will focus on the wielding of the particular movement with a ball or a juggling figure by highly conscious repetitions, releasing the unnecessary pressure to the point of pure integration of the movement into the physical vocabulary.

Will be demonstrated how the expression with juggling is like telling a story or drawing in the space – with pauses, exclamations, question marks and commas, stammer , oblivion. The working process will be focused on the expressions through this form of art by using mimics, contemporary dance forms, theater techniques and improvisation.

Will be developed short individual and group variations and during June the results of the work in the classes will be presented affront of audience at Derida Dance Center.


Teacher : Dimitar Germanov

The experience of Dimitar Germanov with juggling starts at  2004th in Barcelona and later goes to the Berlin school of juggling ,,Katakomben “ where he works with famous names like Stefan Sing, Morgan Cosquier, Viktor Kee (Cirque du Soleil).In 2005th he starts to practice the contemporary dance in different academies - AREA Dansa, Barcelona; Tanzquartier, Vienna; Ménagerie de Verre, Parice; Tanzfabrik, Berlin; Danscentrumjette, Brussel; Camarín de las Musas, Buenos Aires. He develops skills in dance techniques like Release, Horton, Cunningham, contact improvisation. Also the Japanese dance Buto with Yoshito Ohno and Daniel Fruker in France and pantomime with Loco Brusca in Barcelona and Buenos Ayres. On the stage Dimitar is combining the dance and the theater with juggling, developing his own organic style. He also builds his skills into a new stage art – contact juggling with crystal ball. From 2009th to 2013 th  Dimitar works as soloist artist and in cooperation with other performers  from Israel and France. With the company Mu from Paris he creates the performance OBEKTIDO. 

 www.obektido.blogspot.com  www.jugglingdance.blogspot.com 

For four mounts in the beginning of 2014 he starts to work as a teacher in the dance theater with objects in Argentina. The talented artist represents his creative works in local and international festivals for physical theater with objects and contemporary dance.

Signing up: On the reception of Derida Dance Center. No signing in advance is required.