The Sixth Element

Yana Yaneva’s Interview with Marion Darova-  Ragga Dancehall, Afro House and Conditioning Training instructor in the amateur classes at Derida Dance Center.

We all know what waves are like - strong and uncontrollable ... marking the end of what is familiar and leading us into the depths of a new, different and exciting underwater world. A wave has the power to take you away. A wave has the magic to recharge you and makes you remember it forever. It seems like Marion is a wave, hidden inside a human being. The energy that hides within this seemingly tiny person is enormous, and the choice whether to take from that energy by the handful or to let it take you away is only yours.


What is your dance story? Tell us about the first time you said to yourself  "I want to dance!".

It may sound a litlle or a lot like a cliché, but I do not remember that moment. I like to dance since I was little, but I've been concentrating on my education and other things. I thought that dancing could be something I do on the side or that  I was too old to start - after the age of  20 you are definitely old for most types of dance - for example, you can not do classic ballet. Gradually, I began to develop my personal interest and to feel increasing  hunger, up until the moment the program Dance PORT Derida appeared and I joined it. From there on I decided to work professionally not only as a performer but also as a choreographer. I already have my choreographic debut with "Mainstream".


The Dance PORT Derida program focuses on contemporary dance, and you teach Ragga Dancehall. What is the connection?
I experiment with many styles. My interest in the movement is global, I also lead conditioning training classes. Everything that ‘s connected with  movement is for me!

How would you describe your dance life?
Like an explosion. Everything happened to me very quickly.

What does it all mean to you? What do you get from dance? What does dance bring to you as a regular person, not as a professional?
When something is part of you and it's your necessity, you just want to take it. Like the need to exist, to eat, to fall in love, to breathe, to laugh ... Dance is not something outside of me that I correspond with and that gives or takes something from me, dance is just a part of me.

What would you want your students to know about you and what would you like to leave them with?
I don’t  think I'm a very  good professional, because I do not follow some sort of behavioural frame that you have to be conscious about being a pedagogue. I developed myself intuitively, according to my character. Sometimes I create wrong impressions about myself, in some cases the students are very scared of me, and if not -  they fall in love. In general, I try to be natural. I would like them to be charged by the energy in the dance studio, by the music. What I want to leave them with consciously is a kind of useful spite so that they can be content with themselves. Иnstead of just coming and sweating a bit, I want something more to remain.


And what do you get from these people?
With a lot of them we become friends. There are people among them with who weve been together for 5-6 years, maybe more. We inevitably become friends and what I get is about our human contact, not with our teacher-student relationship.

Do you think the person you are in the dance studio as an instructor is different  from who you are out of the studio?
No. I would rather say that in the studio I am a more synthesized version of myself .

What is your strangest dance experience?

It happened at the end of a performance, it was such a coincidence that the people in the audience didn’t even realize it was an accident. The lights went out - it was the end of the performance. At this point, a very drunk person in the audience falls down, he really eats it.. Everyone was silent because they thought it was part of the show, it coincided perfectly. One, two, three …. five seconds go by, six, we hear a moan, then the lights went on again and we saw that this man had fallen from about a meter and a half, but thank God he was okay, he broke nothing. The audience, still in shock, didn’t know how to react - to help him, to applaud us... We went to him to make sure he was fine and he looked at us, the dancers, and asked us " What are you doing here ?! "(with the attitude of someone into whose living room some strangers have come in). It was very funny.

Marion Durova is currently teaching Ragga Dancehall,, Afro House and Conditioning Training. Classes are held according to the following schedule:

Ragga Dancehall - Wednesdays at 19:10h., Sundays at 17:30h. http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/bg/za-lyubiteli/ragga-dancehall
Afro House - Sundays at 16:30h http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/bg/za-lyubiteli/afro-haus  
Conditioning training - Mondays at 19:10h, Saturdays at 12:00h http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/bg/za-lyubiteli/konditzionen-trening