In the regular vogue fem class (for beginners), the participants will get acquainted with the five elements of vogue fem (me): catwalk, hands performance, duckwalk, spin & dip and floorwork. Basic movements will be included in vogue new way & old way as well as improvisation opportunities.

Vogue / Voguing originates and is an integral part of the LGBTQ + community culture in New York since the 1960s and already known worldwide. This form of dance passes through the old way, new way and later vogue fem (from the mid-1990s). Voguing is characterized by hyper feminine movements musicality, drama and athleticism. During the course, participants will be able to learn about the interaction between LGBT community and ballroom culture as well as the history of this form of dance. A basic element in Voiging is the self-confidence of a dancer and accepting yourself and your body.

 About Mirjana, a.k.a bumblepig:

Since 2011, she has been interested in ballroom culture, and has been structurally working on Voguing's dance features for several years. Performed a voguing video / vocal project featuring Iskra Daskalova, Tveta Doycheva and Viktor Stranski on "Identity and harassment over children". She also heads a volunteer Voguing battalion for the first time during Sofia Pride 2018, which is still continues to be active nowadays.

Price: 8 lv.

Schedule: Thursday from 20:30 to 21:30 and Sunday from 16:00 to 17:00