Stretching is a system of exercises to increase the elasticity of muscles and adjacent tissues.Static and dynamic method is used. The benefits of stretching are improved muscle elasticity, muscle stretching, joint mobility and improved overall tone, and it also enhances the quality of the movements. Typically, for each training are: joint mobilization exercises, dynamic stretching, static and breathing exercises and relaxation. For better physical recovery and mental fatigue, after hard work, we offer you to finish the day with stretching and smile....

Стречинг Виктория

Viktoria Sirakova started her sporting education at the age of 4 in the rhythmic gymnastics hall. There she met the classical ballet and folk dances, which has a significant influence in the future, sports and dancing become an integral part of her everyday life. Victoria has never stopped dancing and studying different traditional, classical and modern styles. Currently she is certified NSA instructor in aerobics, stretching and calanetics. She leads classes in pilates, stretching, tribal fusion and devotedly studing contemporary dance. She graduated the Dance PORT Derida Contemporary Dance Training Program, developed by Derida Dance Center.

Tuesday and Wednesday from 18:00 to 19:00
Price: 8 leva
Package price for 4 visits in 30 days: 30 leva