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The oriental dance is one of the oldest in the world, for motherlands are considered the Middle East and North Africa.
At first the dance was performed as a part of different rituals, and for entertainment too.

The oriental dance can be separated into two styles: Raqs sharqi – is closer to the European idea for Arabic dance, and it is mostly performed at different entertainment programs. Raqs baladi is the folklore style, performed by both men and women at different celebrations. The term 'belly dance" becomes popular
when the Oriental dances spread through Europe and North America.

The training session includes various techniques from the classical Arabian, Egyptian, Turkish and African dance. The session is divided into two parts. The first part is concentrated on learning the basic movements and it is more intense, while the second - different combinations are approached. The training program aims at improving the physical condition of the dancers, and developing qualities such as feminine and confidence.

Outfit: Comfortable, sports-like, recommended tight dress for the upper part of the body.

Instructor: Milena Videnova
2006 – 2008 Approaches different dance techniques at Dance centre 'Art – Academy' with teacher Evgenya Trofimchy
2008 – 2010 Co-rehearse supervisor and performer in show-theatre 'Art – Academy', deputy-instructor in dance centre 'Art – Academy'
2008 - Vladislav Anachkov's partner in the show 'Dance with me 2' – peoples dances category
2009 – Participates in the first in Bulgaria dance show 'The temple of Goddess Izida'
2009 – Second place on the 'Versay' Oriental dances contest
2010 – dancer in 'Art – Academy' at the guest performance in the VUK theatre Serbia

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