Modern dance Limón Technique New group for beginners with Albena Atanasova

Limon 4

Albena Atanasova has 35 years of experience in the field of modern and contemporary dance as a performer and a teacher.

"For me, this is a path to self-knowledge, every day I stand on the dance path with faith and with love, alone or with my students;  this path is infinite and I will be glad to be together  with you in this part of it."


 About Limón Technique: Following the principles of his teacher Doris Humphrey, Limón's main goal was to express his personal relationships with the surrounding environment through an organic movement. His technique is not encoded, but it is divided into a variety of physical extremes: fall and recovery, rebound, gravity, interruption and continuation of movement, isolation. He believed that a structured technique would limit the creativity that was the basis of his teachings. In this way, he gave his students the opportunity to find their own movement and personal uniqueness. There are many words and ideas that are a direct association to Limón's technique, such as his humanism, the use of breath, musicality, lyricism and dramatic qualities; However, the prevailing consensus is that movement is always an expression of the human spirit.

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