INDIAN CLASSICAL DANCE AND YOGA for beginners with Meena Patalenska

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MEENA PATALENSKA is performer, teacher and choreographer of Indian dance. She has learnt several classical Indian dance styles as well as modern cinematic dances. Meena has studied in India and the last 10 years she is a disciple of one of the most reputable modern teachers: Shri Kala Bharati Anitha Guha from Chennai. Meena has more than 20 years of yoga practice. She was shot in a Bollywood movie in India. She has more than 200 solo performances in Bulgaria and abroad. At the present, she is preparing her MA of “Indology” in Sofia University.

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Indian classical dance is one of the most ancient art forms. Together we will bring it to the modern life. You will learn hands positions of Indian dance –  mudras, body positions and of course, some small choreographies. In group classes we shall work on improving your flexibility and kinesthetic feeling with special poses and exercises from classical dance and from classical Hatha yoga. We train with bare feet, the clothes should be comfortable for stretching and bending.

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