Bulgarian folk dance

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Beginning of the course: 4th of January 2017

In the classes you will be able to learn the most popular and traditional folk dances from all regions of the country. It is one of the best ways for a person to feel the Bulgarian spirit, to keep good tonus and to have fun.


Choreographers : Krasimir Hristov & Ruja Peneva

Krasimir Hristov

Led by his rich experience as teacher and dancer, Krasimir Hristov is placing as main accent in his teaching process not the learning of the steps, but the style of each folklore region, and to make the dancers to feel the character of each Bulgarian folk dance and to bring to them the spirit which expresses.

As guest dance teacher in Bulgarian folk dance, Krasimir have been participating in numerous folklore festivals trough all Europe. 

In 2013 Krasimir Hristov founds the Bulgarian traditional dance ensemble ,,Igraorec “ which achievements are already well known in the region due to good stage performances and constant expand of their artistic repertoire.

Krasimir Hristov receives his academic knowledge in the Plovdiv academy of music and dance arts 

Ruja Peneva

Ruja Peneva teaches Bulgarian folk dance in the 140 SU ,,Ivan Bogorov “ Sofia. She is also director of the dance formation ,,Ima – Nema”  and a member of the Sofia dance association.


Signing up: On the reception of Derida Dance Center. No signing in advance is required.