Break dance for children

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As the new year 2018 starts, we are giving also а start of a new Break dance group for children with FLING.

Registration in advance is necessary: http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/bg/component/seminar/?task=3&cid=239  

In this class Fling will emphasize on the basic break dance steps, coordination of the body and learning some choreographies. The cildren will have the opportunity to get familiar not only with the style itself, called break dance (b-boing), but also with the culture and the lifestyle, related to this particular dance style. „Bboying” is a style which springs up in Bronx neighborhood/ New York City. It originates from the dance style Rockin’, based on an imaginary squabble, led by both the funk and  the hip-hop rhythm.

Start of the course: 25th January



Thursday - 18:00 - 19:00

Saturday - 14:00 - 15:00


Package price for 8 visits for 30 days: 35lv.

Price for one visit: 8 lv.

The whole price list of Derida Dance Center can be seen here:  http://www.derida-dance.com/qs/bg/za-lyubiteli/tzeni 


Dimitar, more famous as Fling, is a professional dancer and choreographer. He has presented our country in many international competitions and events. All these performances in Bulgaria and abroad  help him gain experience and continue his development, learning a lot of  new ways to express all the emotions, hidden inside.

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