Pricelist and Terms of Use of DDC services

 Pricelist schedule DDC.xlsx - Sheet1 1-11. Clients can use Derida Dance Center (DDC) services after they pay for an individual class or register a prepaid card (a course subscription) at DDC reception.

2. A subscription for a certain course can be bought at DDC reception and has a defined period of validity that is described in DDC pricelist (see above).

3. The use of the prepaid card within the period of the subscription validity is a responsibility of the client.

4. In case of holiday breaks and cancellation of classes on the side of Derida Dance Center, it takes the responsibility to prolong the period of subscription validity relevant to the period that contains the number of missed classes.

5. When buying two or more subscriptions for different courses, the client uses a 10% discount of the price of each course subscription.

6. Derida Dance Center keeps the right to change the prices of individual classes and subscriptions and in such cases it informs the clients by e-mail as well as through its website.

7. Derida Dance Center team asks the clients to assist in maintaining the dance center clean and cosy.

8. Derida Dance Center offers its clients to use lockers. In case a client loses a key for a locker, he or she needs to reimburse Derida Dance Center with the amount of 5 BGN.

9. Bringing bicycles in the building is not allowed.

For more information regarding the process and conditions of use of DDC services you can call us at 0876 950 008 or write an e-mail to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it