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Classes start on September 26th! There is no need for prior subscription, it happens in Derida Dance Center a little before the class.

In Flamenco classes you will learn corporal and zapateado techniques, created by Miguel Canas. The course has the aim of developing technical skills in the dancers. The corporal technique deals with the movement of the body in flamenco, using classical dance as a base. It deals with the body positions, flamenco arms and pirouette technique. Zapateado technique deals with the movements of the legs and feet. This technique develops the positions of the feet and the right posture of the dancer’s body and teaches how to stamp in various flamenco rhythms and tempos. Zapateado technique also improves the sense of rhythm in the dancer teaching him/her how to clap and thus contributes to developing the overall musicality.

Insructor: Stefan Nikolov

Stefan Nikolov cveten flamenco
Stefan Nikolov is a multi-genre dancer and teacher. He has studies flamenco in the world’s oldest flamenco school “Amor de dios” in Madrid, Spain. There he participated in many TV programmes as a dancer. Apart from flamenco, he is actively involved in jazz dance and Irish dance.

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