Jazz dance


Classes start on September 26th. There is no need for prior subscription, it happens in Derida Dance Center a little before the class.

In jazz dance classes you will learn Benjamin Feliksdal technique – a mixture of the styles created by Martha Graham, Lester Horton, Luigi, Gus Giordano and Matt Mattox. Benjamin Feliksdal has created his own style using contemporary dance techniques and folklore techniques and puts for them the base of classical ballet. The classes are proper for absolute beginners as well as for amateurs who have some experience in contemporary dance and/or classical ballet.

Instructor: Stefan Nikolov

Stefan Nikolo has been studying Benjamin Feliksdal’s technique in Feliksdal’s own school for about 4 years. Later Stefan teaches jazz dance in Spain and Bulgaria. Apart from jazz, he dances and teaches Flamenco and Irish dance.

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